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China 2019: One Year of Interviews

A series of exclusive interviews on Chinese culture conducted by Dominique Musorrafiti and Matteo Damiani: art, design, food, the Hong Kong protests, documentaries, history, fashion, food, rock, and cinema!

Many of the interviews have appeared in our free digital magazine Planet China.

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Interviews are listed in chronological order

China’s Millennials: Interview with Eric Fish

eric-fish-Chinese millennials

Interview with Clare Kane, author of Dragons in Shallow Waters, the story of a young English woman during the anti-foreign Boxer Rebellion


Interview with Daniel Reid, author and expert on Chinese tradition


Interview with Lu Qingyi, director of ‘Four Springs’

four-springs-lu qingyi

Interview with Zhou Zhou, director of ‘Meili’


Interview with Zhang Yang: Up the Mountain

zhang yang director

Interview with illustrator Hannah Li

illustrator Hannah Li

Interview with Song Wen, director and co-founder of FIRST Festival in China


Temper Magazine: Interview with Elsbeth van Paridon

china fashion design

Interview with Hao Wu, director of ‘People’s Republic of Desire’ and ‘All in my family’

director hao wu

Interview with Man-kei Tam, director of Amnesty International Hong Kong: what will happen next in Hong Kong?

what will happen next in Hong Kong

A conversation with Yafei Qi: generational gap, environment changes, social expectations

Yafei Qi
Yafei Qi

Interview with artist Hilda Shen

Hilda Shen
Hilda Shen at Fou Gallery, photograph by Nadia Peichao Lin ©Hilda Shen, courtesy Fou Gallery

Interview with artist Jisook Kim

exhibition of Jisook Kim & Hilda Shen: Orogenies in New York
Kim Jisook

Interview with Graffiti Artist Chen Dongfan

Graffiti Artist Chen Dongfan

Interview with illustrator Dodolulu

illustrator Dodolulu

Interview with Wang Wen


Interview with Margaret Sun: Betwixt & Between


Interview with Michael Pettis: MAYBE MARS

michael-pettis-MAYBE MARS

Interview with Badiucao, political cartoonist, and rights activist


Interview with Isaac Cheng, vice-chairman of Demosistō: the Hong Kong government must respond to the five demands


Interview with Oliver Chang, author of “The Goddess of Democracy”


Interview with SimpleBao, Visual Storyteller and Street Artist


Interview with Jared Stone, one of the photojournalists in the video of Hong Kong police throwing tear gas grenade at press members

Hong Kong police attack Jared Stone

Interview with Zhang Bo and Zhang Chong, directors of “The Fourth Wall”

zhang bo zhang chong

Interview with Zhao Huizhou, fashion designer, curator of the Centennial Fashion Museum, and founder of the Hui Foundation

zhao huizhou chinese fashion stylist

Interview with Joshua Wong: Fight for democracy

Joshua Wong interview

Interview with Gan Jianyu, director of Vortex

gan jianyu interview vortex

Interview with Xiao Dou: the psychedelic sound of Run Run Run


Interview with Canna, illustrator and artist

Mei overwatch hong kong heroine_company freedom of speech china

Hong Kong Protests Art: Interview with Kai Lan Egg

hong kong protests art

Interview with Jumping Goat

jumping goat post punk chinese band

The disastrous handling of the Hong Kong protests by the police: Interview with Man-kei Tam, director of Amnesty International Hong Kong


Joshua Wong asks for a political system reform of Hong Kong, interview


Interview with illustrator and designer Lee Xin Li

food illustrator lee xin li_food illustrations

Interview With Michelin-Starred Chef Li Dong


Interview with Hong Kong Nutritionist Michelle Lau


Interview with Chef Jeremy Pang


Interview with the Sichuan Legend Chef Yu Bo


Interview with Michelin-starred chefs Matt Chen and Ken Chan


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Interview with Michelin-starred chefs MATT CHEN and KEN CHAN

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