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The Hani Village of Qingkou in Yuanyang

The Hani Village of Qingkou (元阳箐口哈尼民俗村) is located 7 km from the Yuanyang old town. The center of the village is the stone-paved Central...

Huawei wins in Samsung patent dispute

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd has won another patent victory in China over its South Korean competitor Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, amid increasingly fierce competition...

What To Expect When Chinese Dating

Dating all over the world is different; although some of the principles may remain the same Chinese dating can throw a few curveballs. Yes people...

Apple’s first Chinese data base to be operated in February

The first Chinese data base of Apple Inc. will be put into operation on Feb. 28, the company announced Wednesday. From them on, photos, documents...
Bisezhai – the First Major Station on the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway

The Yunnan-Vietnam Railway

11 kilometers from Mengzi county town, Bisezhai had been the extra-large station on the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway. Being the juncture of the meter-gauge Yunnan-Vietnam Railway...

The future of Bitcoin in China

Bitcoin is one of the most popular topics now, some praising the cryptocurrency as a new means to pay for goods and services, and...

Learn Business Chinese – 5 Reasons Why You Should Pick Keats School

As a professional, who is trying to grow their career, learning business Chinese will not only up your game in the office, but your...

Vestiges of Mengzi Customhouse

The earliest official customhouse established in Yunnan, Mengzi Customhouse (蒙自海关旧址) is located by the Nanhu Lake of Mengzi County. Survived buildings of the Customhouse...

The Qihe Tower

The Qihe Tower (企鹤楼) is located at Yilong Township on the campus of the First Middle School of Shiping County, Honghe prefecture, Yunnan. The...

Facial recognition used in marriage registration in Chongqing

Chongqing authorities have introduced facial recognition technology for marriage registration to make the procedure easier and shorter. The Marriage, Adoption Registration Management Center of Chongqing...
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