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China X-ray astronomical satellite

China's X-ray astronomical satellite data will be open to scientists all over the world

Data of China's first X-ray space telescope - launched in mid June, and expected to start regular observation in November - to be open...
Tan Ping Etchings

Tan Ping Etchings

Purity is the word that springs to mind when one looks, really looks, at a Tan Ping etching. Pure in the sense that they are...
Shen_Ling_Sex life in China

About Pink Bed by Shen Ling, Chinese artist

Sex life in China - The constant rush of modern life is the archenemy of one's sex life. The meaning of sex has been...
Liu Xiaobo cremated

China cremated the body of imprisoned Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo

China cremated the body of imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo, who died this week after a battle with liver cancer amid international...
Liu Xiaobo dies

Liu Xiaobo, Chinese dissident who won Nobel dies at 61

Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo, who was China's most prominent democracy and human rights advocate, has died aged 61, officials say. The bureau of justice of...

Interview with Nate Thayer: How the Chinese recruit American journalists as spies

Interview with Nate Thayer, an American freelance journalist whose journalism has focused on human rights, areas of military conflict, and narcotics trafficking. On Sept 20,...

Aerial view of a Changsha flooded parking lot with more 600 illegal vehicles

Changsha, Hunan Province. Hundreds of cars emerged covered with dirt as the flood retreated. According to the local media, more than 600 vehicles were affected,...
drunk man beats a policewomanvideo

Hubei drunk man beats a policewoman

A drunken man beats a policewoman in Enshi (恩施), a county-level city in Western Hubei province. The video shows the female police agent attacked many...
Chinese trolls

The comments section of

Chinese trolls - If you want to torture yourself by reading a virtually infinite series of falsehoods, nationalist propaganda statements, hateful comments, exaltations of...
Baidu headquarters - Top trends in China’s internet

Top trends in China’s internet usage

With over 731 million people now using the internet in China, it’s clear that this vast nation is at the forefront of the digital...