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Science in China: Latest news and features on science, internet, ecology, architecture, and technology in China.

China aims to become a leading force in scientific research and applications, fuelled by vast infusions of cash and a rapidly growing technical workforce. Shortcuts: Chinese space program , images of pollution in China , e-waste pollution, hydric pollution, Chinese ghost towns , China urban villages , most polluted cities in China.

Yi Luo Laotu
China Underground > Science in China: News & features

Bridging Urban and Rural Worlds: A Conversation with Social Entrepreneur Yi Luo

Social Entrepreneur, Curator, and Documentary Filmmaker. Unearthing the Power of China’s Rural Areas Through Sustainable Development and Cultural Preservation Luo Yi has a Bachelor of … Read more

Allison Fong
China Underground > Science in China: News & features

The Future of Polar Ecosystems: A Conversation with Allison Fong

Biological Oceanographer, Polar Ecologist & Scientific Educator Allison Fong talks about her experiences conducting fieldwork in some of the most extreme and remote environments on … Read more

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