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Science in China: Latest news and features on science, internet, ecologym, architecture and technology in China.

China aims to become a leading force in scientific research and applications, fuelled by vast infusions of cash and a rapidly growing technical workforce. Shortcuts: Chinese space program , images of pollution in China , e-waste pollution, hydric pollution, Chinese ghost towns , China urban villages , most polluted cities in China.

China to build Mars village in Qinghai Province

China Mars Village
China's project of building a village (including a sort of theme-park) simulating the environmental conditions on Mars in Qinghai, as part of China's Mars...

A man was sentenced to 5 years and 500,000 yuan fine...

selling-vpn-services China
Wu Xiangyang, this is the name of the man convicted in Guangxi by the Pingnan court, had not obtained the license to sell VPN...

Top 10 worst Internet freedom abusers

Freedom House is an independent organization that conducts a report about the Internet freedom every year. by Jolie Lenkewicz It takes into consideration a lot of factors...

Beijing gives green light for self-driving car road tests

Beijing traffic authorities have given the green light for road tests of self-driving cars in an effort to foster the use of artificial intelligence...

Google announces new AI research center in China

Google Ai research center China
Google Ai research center in China: Google has announced that it is launching a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) research center in Beijing. The research center...

China plans robot moon base

Scientists are mulling a robot moon station, Chinese space experts said on Tuesday. The base can conduct bigger, more complicated research and experiments, according to...

2018: The ban of non-authorized VPNs

The ban of non-authorized VPNs in China - Even before the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, there were talks about...

AI expected to reshape China’s business sectors

Artificial intelligence in China
Artificial intelligence will play an important part in China's supply-side reform as the cutting-edge technology is expected to reshape various sectors such as retail,...

Self-driving buses begin trial operation in China

Self-driving buses China
Four self-driving buses began trial operations Saturday in south China's Shenzhen, a city known for its high concentration of hi-tech companies. The smart buses, which...

New space telescope may help crack the secrets of dark matter

New space telescope may help crack the secrets of dark matter
A Chinese space telescope has found a strange peak in high-energy cosmic ray electrons and positrons, which are highly energetic particles blazing across the...
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