Impressive images of water pollution in China

Impressive images of water pollution in China

Water Pollution in China: Pearl River is one of the world’s most polluted waterways. Pearl River has become the first cause of desertification in Guizhou (soil erosion, rampant pollution, damage to agriculture, etc.).

Erosion has affected an area of 73.200 km square, 41% of the area touched by its waters. Many farmers have suffered from this situation, and almost 45 million of them have been or are about to be transferred elsewhere. Delta contamination is even worse. According to incomplete statistics, every year are thrown into the river 2 billion tons of sewages, industrial wastes, including 70% of urban sewers, 3/4 without any treatment.


The reflection of the Tancun district (Guangzhou) on the river Ishii black waters

Guanling County, Anshun, Guizhou. Desertification has made life of local residents increasingly difficult

polluted-water-003-Water Pollution in China

Yunnan Province, Baoshan. After precipitation, debris and sediment flow into river


Guanling County, Guizhou. Because of drought, water buffalo seeks relief in black water


 July 2009, water pollution has caused among the aged population many cases of lung cancer and blindness

polluted-water-006Qujing, industrialization led to serious environmental problems

polluted-water-007Baoshan, mining pollutants flow into in the river

polluted-water-008Guangling County, residents are forced to raise pigs on the rocks

polluted-water-009Garbage and waste water sewage are discharged directly into the river

polluted-water-010July 2009, traditional Pearl River Crossing
Pictures: Southern Metropolis Weekly via CinaOggi

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