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China Podcast: The Podcast of China Underground” is a fascinating audio journey through Chinese history and culture. With a focus on exploring the lesser-known aspects of China’s past and present, the podcast offers listeners a unique opportunity to deepen their understanding of this complex and dynamic country. From ancient dynasties to modern-day trends, each episode of the podcast is packed with insights and stories that shed light on the many facets of Chinese society. Whether you’re a history buff, a culture enthusiast, or simply curious about this rapidly-evolving nation, “China Podcast” is the perfect way to explore all that China has to offer.

A III Century Chinese Account of the Roman Empire China Underground

The Weilue, a 3rd-century Chinese historical literature, contains details of Roman life. The Chinese and Roman empires had relatively little mutual knowledge. The papers show only a few instances of direct conversation. MORE: A Third Century Chinese Account of the Roman Empire
  1. A III Century Chinese Account of the Roman Empire
  2. The Campaign to Exterminate the Sparrow in China during the Great Leap Forward
  3. The strange case of the Chinese cross-dresser spy Shi Pei Pu
  4. History of the Society of Heaven and Earth, Tiandihui
  5. The Origins of the White Lotus in China
  6. The Origins of the Way of the Celestial Masters, the First Great Daoist Sect
  7. History and facts of the Yellow Turbans Rebellion against the Han Dynasty
  8. The first peasant rebellion in China: the Red Eyebrows
  9. A short history of Hong Kong Cinema
  10. A short history of Chinese Cinema

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