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A Third Century Chinese Account of the Roman Empire

Roman life is described in translations of The Weilue, a 3rd-century Chinese historical text. Mutual knowledge between the Chinese and Roman empires was very limited. Only a few attempts at direct communication are witnessed in the documents. In order to preserve control over the lucrative silk trade, intermediate empires such as the Parthians and the Kushans…

The bizarre story of the Chinese spy Shi Pei Pu

Shi Pei Pu, an opera singer, and spy masqueraded as a woman and had a 20-year sexual relationship with a French employee to gather secrets. Shi Pei Pu (时 佩 璞, 1938-2009) who was born in Shandong province, was a Chinese opera singer and spy who went down in history for having duped Bernard Boursicot,…

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