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Interview with Fashion Designer Guo Pei

A journey into the creative universe of Guo Pei between silhouettes, three-dimensional embroidery, shared cultural heritage, spirituality, and philosophy Born in Beijing, Guo Pei began sewing at a very young…

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History & Facts of The White Lotus Movement

History of the White Lotus in China The White lotus (Bailian Jiao, 白莲教) was a Buddhist political and religious movement that believed in a universal female divinity, the “Unborn Old Mother” who would gather all of her children towards the end of the millennium, into one large family. Related articles: The Way of the Celestial…

Interview with Photographer Quentin Shih

Quentin Shih is a famous Chinese photographer, who is well known for his creative approach, which employs large setups and dramatic lighting to participate in emotional storytelling. Quentin Shih is a self-taught photographer who began shooting images for local underground musicians and artists in college. He moved to Beijing after college to pursue a career…

The Taoist Rebellion of the Yellow Turbans

History and facts of the Yellow Turbans Rebellion against the Han Dynasty The revolt of the Yellow Turbans, 黄巾之乱, or the Yellow Scarves Rebellion, is the first revolt affiliated with the Taoist secret societies and has gone down in history also to serve as a background to the famous Chinese literary work “The Romance of the Three…

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