Rare pictures of the Korean War

The Korean War (Korean: 한국 전쟁, Chinese: 朝鲜战争), was a conflict between North Korea, supported by China and the Soviet Union, and South Korea, supported…

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Interview with Artist & Photographer Xing Danwen

Her subjects include conflicts between globalization and traditions, problematic environmental issues created by the development, the urban drama between desire and reality. Xing Danwen started her visual art practice with painting medium and took a professional study at the primary art school affiliated to Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts. She continued painting and did her…

Interview with tattoo artist Chen Jie

Chen Jie is a tattoo artist that creates intricate watercolor tattoos that look like real ink brush paintings. Chen Jie is a tattoo artist that established Chen Jie Newtattoo Studio tattoo workshop in 2005. The stunning beauty and distinct details features of her works, that look like a brush ink painting, made her became popular…

Interview with Björn Jerdén, Head of UI’s Asia Programme: Gui Minhai, the Confucius Institutes in Sweden, and the relations between China and Sweden

Björn Jerdén is the Head of Asia Program of The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI). Björn Jerdén’s research focuses on the international relations of China, Japan, and the United States. What has changed in the relations between Sweden and China since Xi Jinping came to power? In the first couple of years, not much…

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