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Kongkee’s Warring States Cyberpunk, Interview

Interview with the Animation Artist Kongkee Kongkee’s Warring States Cyberpunk follows the soul of the great Chinese poet Qu Yuan from the ancient Chu Kingdom to an envisioned 21st-century Asia…

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Supernatural Tales of Ji Yun: Chinese Ghosts Stories

Spirits, Ghosts & Foxes in the stories of Ji Yun Ji Yun (紀昀, 1724-1805), also known as Ji Xiaolan, a senior official of the Qing Dynasty and philosopher, politician, and writer, published five volumes of notes (biji, 笔记 random notes) and zhiguai (志怪 describing anomalies) on natural and supernatural themes between 1789 and 1798.  Related articles: Chinese…

Chiang Kai-shek: Biography & Facts

History and biography of the controversial “generalissimo” Chiang Kai-shek From the revolt against the Beiyang government to dictatorship in Taiwan. Chiang Kai-shek (Jiǎng Jièshí; 蔣中正; 蔣介石) was a complex historical figure, a Chinese politician, revolutionary, and military man who led the Republic of China from 1928 until he died in 1975. In 1949, following his…

15+ Rare Images of The Fall of Liu Shaoqi & the “capitalist roaders” during the Cultural Revolution

During the Cultural Revolution, Liu Shaoqi, an eminent Chinese revolutionary, politician, and theorist, was expelled, imprisoned, and tortured to death The Cultural Revolution was a sociopolitical movement in China launched by Mao Zedong in 1966 and lasted until his death in 1976 to preserve Chinese communism by removing remnants of capitalist and traditional elements from…

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