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Interview with artist and singer-songwriter KICCC

KICCC released the first full-length album “The Water Knows” that includes, his previously singles “Here,” “Control,” “Wine,” and “Iced Tea,” along with five unreleased tracks and two instrumentals. Carson Cheng (aka KICCC pronounced: kick) is a Canadian-Chinese artist and singer-songwriter. He broke out as a solo music artist in 2019 from a previous acting career….

Interview with New York-based sculptor Jiannan Wu

Jiannan Wu New York-based sculptor specializing in figurative sculpture  Jiannan Wu, born in 1990 in Dalian, China, is a young artist specializing in sculpture with realism. He is an Elected Member of the American National Sculpture Society, member of the American Medallic Sculpture Association, and founder of the Art American China Project. Jiannan Wu received…

The Photographic Work of Arthur Rothstein in China: Signal Corps, the Great Famine, the Jewish Refugees in Shanghai

Arthur Rothstein (July 17, 1915 – November 11, 1985) was an American prominent photojournalist. The topics of Arthur Rothstein ranged from social issues, daily life, politics, sport to war scenarios, informing and entertaining millions of readers in the United States. In 1940 Arthur Rothstein joined the US Army as a photographer in the Signal Corps. …

Interview with Actress Huichi Chiu

Huichi Chiu is a Taiwanese actress based in Spain since the early 2000s, where she spent most of her career. Huichi Chiu graduated from the Kaohsiung Pedagogical University in 2000 with a degree in Fine Arts. From 2003 to 2005 she studied acting at a theater school in Madrid, where she specialized in particular on…

Interview with Photographer Cheng Gong

Cheng Gong is a New York-based artist and photographer. Born in Hunan, China he received a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Art of Design from Donghua University, Shanghai in 2012. Cheng Gong received a master’s degree in Project Management from Northeastern University, Boston in 2016, and a master’s degree in Photography, video, and related media in…

35+ Evocative Old Photos & Stereographs of Hong Kong

A series of old stereographs and other photographs of Hong Kong from the Library of the Congress (USA). The images, mostly taken between 1890 and 1930, portray known and less known places of the former British colony, such as Aberdeen, Kowloon, Central, the lighthouse, the markets, etc. Related articles: Kowloon Walled City, The first photographs…

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