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Ifeng’s paranoia and the U.S. nuclear threat to China is one of the most popular websites in China. The website hosts an entire section just about U.S. and Russian Army. Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) signed by Obama and Medvedev, is seen as an imminent threat to China.

iFeng reels off impressive figures about US destructive force: more than 10,000 nuclear warheads dislocated in 24 countries including 6 allied bases, two other nuclear submarine bases with 1000 bombs capable of destroying the world 10,000 times. The new pact between Russia and America is a diabolical plan to isolate China. U.S. operations in Asia increased to levels of Cold War. The recent American report on the location of nuclear weapons in China confirms the Chinese suspicions. According to the report, China has 240 warheads, in 8-14 bases. The agreement between Russia and the U.S. would also isolate China. If a diplomatic standpoint, China welcomes the new treaty, with the recent visit of Xi Jinping to Moscow (Xi Jinping is considered to be one of the candidates to replace Hu Jintao as the head of the Chinese Communist Party in 2012), on the other hand, Chinese observers fear an acceleration of the relationship between U.S. and Russia, fueling insecurity among the population.

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