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South of Clouds, documentary on Chinese Ethnic Minorities in Yunnan Province

South of Clouds (A Sud Delle Nuvole) is a documentary on the ethnic minorities of Yunnan, filmed and edited in 2002 by Dominique Musorrafiti and Matteo Damiani. Related articles: Yunnan guide , Dali guide, Nujiang guide, Lijiang guide, Honghe guideThe documentary is available in a newly remastered version.The documentary shows,...

Temper Magazine: Interview with Elsbeth van Paridon

Featured image: Photography by Ellen Simons, New York City, 2019. All rights reservedChina fashion design. Elsbeth van Paridon is a sinologist and China fashion writer. She is Dutch, grew up in Belgium, went back to The Netherlands to study Sinology at Leiden University, resided in Beijing for 6.5 years and...

China’s Worlwide Reach: China’s Global Investments down in 2018

China's global investments. Despite the ambitious Silk Road project, Chinese infrastructure investments abroad in 2018 fell by $ 100 billion, according to data provided by the American Enterprise Institute's China Global Investment Tracker.Chinese global investment fell sharply in 2018. The decline was evident in state-owned enterprises. These companies...

Review of ‘The Enigma of Arrival’ by Song Wen

A story about friendship, love, personal perspectives, misunderstandings, and decision that goes wron. Read the full interview here: Review of ‘The Enigma of Arrival’ by Song Wen 

Interview with illustrator Hannah Li

Born in Changsha, China and now residing in the United States, Hannah Li is a freelance illustrator. She has a background in Oil Painting and Printmaking that subtly influences her illustrations and give to her digital artwork a fine art feel.Official site | Behance | Instagram | Weibo Interview by Dominique...

20 images of Heqing of the Bai people of Yunnan

Not too far from Dali, lies Heqing, a beautiful and almost preserved example of the Bai people architecture. The Bai are one of the 56 ethnic groups officially recognized by China.Bai people literarily means 'white people' in Chinese, since they hold the white colour in high esteem.They are jealous...

The Hungry Ghost Festival in images

The Hungry Ghost Festival (aka Ghost Festival) marks the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar and it is celebrated both by Taoists to Buddhists. According to Chinese folklore, during the festival the restless spirits roam the earth, during Ghost Festival, the deceased are believed to visit the living.Activities during...

Interview with Zhang Yang: Up the Mountain

Zhang Yang 'Up the Mountain' is a documentary film about the Chinese painter Shen Jianhua and his apprentices with a focus on the simple rhythms of life in a remote mountain village. Please read the full article:Interview with Zhang Yang: Up the Mountain

Interview with Zhou Zhou, director of ‘Meili’

Meili portrays an intense human tragedy and a desperate universal truth, since disasters in her life soon becomes inexorably predictable. Please read the article here: Interview with Zhou Zhou, director of ‘Meili’ 

Chinese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong films announced at the Far East Film Festival 2019

Far East Film Festival is a film festival dedicated to Asian cinema which is held annually in Udine, Italy. Please read the full article here:Far East Film Festival 2019