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“Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer” Debuts Across Asian Markets Today

XLGAMES Reveals Newest Game: “Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer”.

Leading gaming corporation, XLGAMES, Inc., helmed by CEO Kwanho Choi, proudly announced the latest entry in their gaming catalog – “Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer“. Gamers in Korea, Taiwan, and neighboring Asian regions can anticipate its rollout today at 11 a.m. KST.

Drawing inspiration from the novel “Moonlight Sculptor”, this MMORPG has garnered significant attention during its month-long lead-up to release, marked by engaging activities like pre-registrations, character reservations, and advanced game downloads. Notably, “Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer” stands distinct from its predecessor, the original Moonlight Sculptor game. Gamers will have the flexibility to engage on mobile platforms such as Google and Apple, and also on PCs.

Marking its grand entrance, “Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer” will be accompanied by an array of in-game events. Players can look forward to an insightful power-up event that fosters both game acclimatization and character progression. Additionally, the title promises other compelling activities, including a season pass brimming with missions, special daily tasks spanning a week, a month-long check-in challenge, and exclusive check-in opportunities for the launch and guild-based events.

For enthusiasts keen on immersing themselves deeper into what “Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer” has in store, especially concerning its enhanced combat dynamics and enriched narrative, the game’s official forum remains a comprehensive source of insights.

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