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Taiwan’s Gogoro Launches Advanced ‘Pulse’ Smartscooter, Featuring Innovative Technology

Last Updated on 2024/01/30

In a significant move that reinforces its position as a global leader in sustainable urban mobility, Gogoro Inc. (Nasdaq: GGR) unveiled its latest flagship model, the ‘Pulse’ Smartscooter, today. The launch represents a major leap in the evolution of two-wheeled electric vehicles, underscoring Gogoro’s commitment to innovation, design, and high performance.

The Pulse stands as a symbol of Gogoro’s dedication to elevating the riding experience through state-of-the-art technology. Horace Luke, founder and CEO of Gogoro, emphasized the company’s role in transforming urban mobility, stating, “The Pulse introduces a new and exhilarating Gogoro riding experience that utilizes our latest innovations in electric performance and aerodynamic efficiency with advanced lighting and an immersive interactive user experience.”

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. has played a crucial role in supporting Gogoro’s vision. Laxmi Rayapudi, Vice President, Product Management at Qualcomm Technologies, highlighted the incorporation of their Snapdragon Digital Chassis QWM2290 SoC in the Pulse, marking a significant advancement in sustainable and intelligent urban transportation.

The Pulse features an innovative AEROFORCE design, reducing drag and optimizing airflow for cooling the electric motor. Its Hyper Drive powertrain, featuring Gogoro’s new high-performance H1 motor and Hypercore system, delivers remarkable energy efficiency and traction control. Notable performance metrics include a 0-50km/h acceleration in 3.05 seconds and a maximum power output of 9.0 kW.

A first in the urban two-wheel industry, the Pulse’s active-matrix lighting system, comprising 13 independent LED units, adapts to various riding conditions, enhancing safety and visibility. Furthermore, the Smart Cockpit dashboard boasts a 10.25-inch panoramic HD touch display powered by Qualcomm Technologies’ QWM2290 SoC, offering an array of features like ride modes, navigation, and real-time traffic information.

In a collaboration with Apple, the Pulse integrates the scooter key in the Apple Wallet app and Apple’s Find My feature, allowing riders to lock, unlock, and locate their Smartscooter seamlessly.

Gogoro anticipates the Pulse to start shipping in Taiwan by late Q2 2024. This launch underscores Gogoro’s ongoing efforts to redefine urban mobility and reflects its global recognition as an innovator in sustainable transportation solutions, including battery swapping for electric two-wheel vehicles.

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