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Dragons and Boxers By Kyle Fiske

Northern China in 1900.

The nation is in turmoil, and from the countryside comes a brutal, quasi-religious movement known as the Boxers, who seek to rid the country of foreign influence. An American missionary couple are killed, and their son Wayland is left barely clinging to life. Rescued by Chinese passers-by, he begins his recovery in the still-simmering city of Tientsin, and he finds his new Chinese family has dark secrets of their own. He is thrust into a deadly dispute between two martial arts masters, and his fate will hinge on the outcome. Wayland must navigate between two worlds, and to do so, arms himself with the secrets of Chinese martial arts. Dragons and Boxers combines the best of Martial Arts writing with exquisite historical story-telling.

About The Author

Kyle Fiske grew up on a farm near the Canadian border in northern New York State. He studied history and English at St. Lawrence University and the University of Copenhagen, as well as museum studies at Tufts University. Kyle was a competitive fencer for several years and has been a practitioner of Chinese martial arts for more than two decades, with a special focus on Chinese swordsmanship. He is the author of the short story collection Even Closer Than the Sea, and he’s also a long-time guitar player and songwriter. Kyle now makes his home on scenic and historic Cape Ann, Massachusetts.


“Genuine sword fighting experience is something few writers have, but fortunately for the reader, Fiske does. Throughout the story, Fiske brings his years of training in Chinese martial arts and full contact swordplay to the page, lending the training and fight scenes a realism only a student of the arts can conjure up.” — Scott M. Rodell, Author of “Chinese Swordsmanship – The Yang Family Taiji Jian Tradition,” “Fundamentals of the Wudang Sword Method,” “Ming Chinese Military Swordsmanship,” and other titles.

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