Hong Kong-based illustrator Dodolulu drives you in dreamy, relaxing but also melancholic world

Dodolulu is an Illustrator based in Hong Kong.

Continuously inspired by the feeling about life. She draw small moment that touches, happy or sad, to let people whoever felt the same know that they are not alone. She sharing her observations of human nature with a fresh eye and simplicity.

Dodolulu represents the people she draws. They keep her accompanied whenever she thinks about life. They are pride, sophisticated, quirky – and naive. Each of them is unique like she sees herself and the others.

Besides of drawing, dodolulu are also on ceramic or fabric dolls. Her motto is “Living a poetic life, finding the planet too beautiful”.

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China-Underground: Could you tell us a bit about yourself? Who influenced you as a person and as an illustrator?

Dodolulu: I am an illustrator based in Hong Kong. I was born and raised here, a city that is full of people and everybody is rushing around. I walked as fast as the others do. I cannot keep calm until when I am alone. I treasure the silent moment when I am by myself.

I like expressing myself with drawing. I am very concentrated when I draw. For me, it is a true pleasure when I work on the colours and structures of a drawing. I did not receive formal training in an art school but after graduation, I started to spend my time on what my real passion is for. I love drawing people. I started with life drawing, then oil painting, and right now I am doing illustration as well.

illustrator Dodolulu

What motivated you to become an illustrator and designer? How did your adventure in the design world begin?

To make blank paper a pleasure to look at (at least to me : )). For me, drawing is a true adventure. I could never foresee how my work looks like until it is done. This always gives me surprises. I like the way I communicate with my works and this makes me continue.

Back few years ago, I started to draw and share online. Later, I tried to participate in local weekend markets. People here are more likely to buy a ready-made product, rather than a drawing itself or some printed paper goods. So, I started to apply my drawings on products, making them patterns and all.

illustrator Dodolulu

What illustration impressed you the most in your childhood? What are your best childhood memories?

I watched cartoons on TV every day when I am home from school. With the way how Asian admire the appearance of the western ladies, the image of girls is always with big eyes, blonde hair and tall with long legs. Presented this image of beauty in my childhood by these cartoons, I started to re-think what is real beauty. I like drawing normal people, like most of us, and this is the prototype of dodolulu. Best childhood memories are always with my grandpa, especially when he brings me to the park and holds me on a swing.

illustrator Dodolulu

Do you remember your earliest drawing? What was about?

I vaguely remember how the earliest drawing looked like. My mother told me that I have drew myself holding hands with my parents, when my two-year-younger brother was not even born. This must be the first one.

What do you love most about your work? What is the creative process behind your work?

I like throwing colours on paper, let them flow in their way and make lines afterwards. This is a process from freedom, control to judgement. The unrestrained beginning reminds me of my early childhood, where I can follow my heart the fullest.

illustrator Dodolulu

Fantasy and reality. Which one is the main inspiration for your illustration?

Fantasy, I am rather an observer in life. I feel myself observing people from a distance, as if I am not part of the crowd. Being unattached with the people, I make my own logic out of what I observed.

What are some of your favorite subjects to draw?

I like drawing hair, hair being prolonged and connected with others. I make it a symbol of thinking, so when hair is connected, thoughts are connected. Another subject that I like to draw is about dream and ideal. I like representing them with red balloons. A balloon is charming and perfectly shaped when it is fully inflated; but at the same time it is vulnerable when being pierced.

illustrator Dodolulu

What emotions do you try to inspire?

Quietness, a deep thinking, and a hidden peaceful mind.

How important is the web and social media in promoting your work?

It is a platform where I am directly connected with my audience, a place where I could interact with them. It functions also as a bullet board so I could look back on how I grow throughout the years.

illustrator Dodolulu illustrator Dodolulu illustrator DodoluluPhoto courtesy of Dodolulu

Dominique Musorrafiti
Dominique Musorrafitihttp://www.china-underground.com
Ciao! My name is Dominique. I’m Italian and I’m proud to be a mix. My father was an Italian chemical engineer and high school teacher, with Greek and Polish heritage. My mother is Haitian, she was high school language teacher, with Dominican, Spanish, French, Portuguese, African and Native American heritage. Being a mix makes me appreciate to want to understand different cultures and lifestyles. I grew up in Italy, lived few years in Haiti, travel around main European capitals, lived seven years in China, six in Spain and UK. Traveling makes me feel that we can learn something from every situation in every part of the world.


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