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Ciao! My name is Dominique. I’m Italian and I’m proud to be a mix. My father was an Italian chemical engineer and high school teacher, with Greek and Polish heritage. My mother is Haitian, she was high school language teacher, with Dominican, Spanish, French, Portuguese, African and Native American heritage. Being a mix makes me appreciate to want to understand different cultures and lifestyles. I grew up in Italy, lived few years in Haiti, travel around main European capitals, lived seven years in China, six in Spain and UK. Traveling makes me feel that we can learn something from every situation in every part of the world.

Interview with author Jeremy Tiang

Jeremy Tiang, translates plays and novels from Chinese. He is also a playwright and an author. He won the Golden Point Award for Fiction in...
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Interview with Li Wei, the creator of stunning art images playing with gravity

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Herman Lee: T-Shirt Designer, Graphic Designer, and Illustrator

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Yan Hua Wang Taichi Master

Yan Hua Wang Master of Tai Chi Chuan and Double Sword that combines traditional medical training with martial arts. Yan Hua Wang graduated from Yunnan...
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The Art of Min Liu

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Anita Wong: Modern & Tradition

Anita Yan Wong is the 4th generations of Lingnan masters specializes in both traditional and modern arts. She received her B.A. (Honors) in Graphic Design...
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Zhuo Dan Ting, China’s Queen of Tattoos

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Yummy and healthy visual experience with Chiara Ye

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Thierry Chow, Feng Shui master

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