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Ciao! My name is Dominique. I’m Italian and I’m proud to be a mix. My father was an Italian chemical engineer and high school teacher, with Greek and Polish heritage. My mother is Haitian, she was high school language teacher, with Dominican, Spanish, French, Portuguese, African and Native American heritage. Being a mix makes me appreciate to want to understand different cultures and lifestyles. I grew up in Italy, lived few years in Haiti, travel around main European capitals, lived seven years in China, six in Spain and UK. Traveling makes me feel that we can learn something from every situation in every part of the world.
lance-crayon-chinese-graffiti-Spray Paint Beijing

Interview with Lance Crayon: The origins of graffiti in Beijing

LANCE CRAYON is an American filmmaker, from Texas, that began working in Beijing for China Radio International and Global Times as a story editor. Since...

Interview with Rebecca F. Kuang, author of ‘The Poppy War’

REBECCA F. KUANG born in Guangzhou, China, studies modern Chinese history at Georgetown University, and will be pursuing her graduate studies at the University...

Interview with RongRong & Inri

Rong Rong & Inri are a Chinese and Japanese photographer, that founded and run together Three Shadows Photography Art Centre ( 三影堂摄影艺术中心) in Caochangdi. Three...

Interview with GuiGuiSuiSui

GUIGUISUISUI is a two-piece journey into sound and performance. Man and woman, East and West, past and future, side by side blending electronic and 8-bit...

Interview with Manya Koetse: sinologist & founder of What’s on Weibo

MANYA KOETSE is a China social trend watcher and the editor-in-chief of What’s on Weibo, a website providing social, cultural & historical insights into...
12m2 1994, Performance, Beijing, China

Interview with contemporary artist ZHANG HUAN

ZHANG HUAN began his career as a painter and then transitioned to performance art before making a comeback to painting. He is primarily a performance...
Slow Food China

Interview with Piero Kuang Sung Ling founder and coordinator of Slow Food Great China

Slow Food is an organization that believes food is tied to many other aspects of life, including culture, politics, agriculture and the environment. The movement...
Marvel in China-Aero Marvel Cyclone

Behind Marvel in China and the launching of new characters for the Chinese market

Marvel in China: Chinese folklore's heroes and kungfu heroes are not so different after all from Marvel's superheroes. They both have supernatural power, and many...

Interview with Soprano Hui He

Born in Shaanxi, Hui He completed her musical and vocal studies in her home country. In 1998, she made her first ever onstage appearance at...
Ming You Xu paintings

Interview with artist Ming You Xu

Ming You Xu was born in Tianjin, China in April 1963 to a family of 8 – living with his parents as well as...


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