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Hong Kong Protests Art: Interview with Kai Lan Egg

Kai Lan Egg is an anonymous artist from Hong Kong.

He started drawing illustrations of the Hong Kong protest primarily using a Japanese anime style to encourage the people around him to stand against the progressive erosion of Hong Kong independence.


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What is your artistic background?

I love painting from a young age, and I am engaged in design and illustration work when I grow up.

What influenced you as an artist?

I hope to speak for the community in my ability.

hong kong protests art

Why and when did you start to depict the Hong Kong protests? What was the event that triggered you?

From an early age, I speak for unjust things. In 2014, the Hong Kong umbrella movement began. I found that I could use my pictures to encourage everyone and start painting.

Your images are very powerful and inspiring. Why did you choose the Japanese anime style to depict the Hong Kong protests?

Japanese anime has always accompanied me to grow up, and I am deeply influenced by it, so I use the painting method I am best at.

hong kong protests art

What do you think about what’s going on in Hong Kong? Are you afraid?

Hong Kong has been corrupt since its return to China in 1997.

The four Chiefs Executive of Hong Kong has been inferior to one session. They are not elected by one person and one vote, and all are controlled by the CCP.

Hong Kong has been developed from the United Kingdom and has been able to receive global information.

Although Hong Kong people have never had democracy, freedom is owned. However, since the reunification, the Hong Kong Government has been eroding the public.

The emergence of the Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (Amendment) Bill has triggered a major outbreak. Say no to the government that has been oppressing us!

I am not afraid because Hong Kong is not a city in China. Together with Hong Kong’s international status, the Chinese and Hong Kong governments cannot perform the Tiananmen Square Massacre slamming incident.

I am confident that the CCP will eventually succumb to the people of Hong Kong.

hong kong protests art

What was the most emotionally powerful moment? And what was the scariest?

July 1 was a turning point.

The demonstrators attacked the Legislative Council. They destroyed many objects that symbolize the Hong Kong government.

However, they did not steal and destroy cultural relics, libraries, etc., and read the texts in the conference hall, which was recognized by most citizens.


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Besides, there have been few floating bodies in Hong Kong waters.

However, since the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement, there have been many floating bodies in the sea.

The police all think that the cause of death is not suspicious.

We are very skeptical that these things are done by the police.

hong kong protests art

What is the future you hope for Hong Kong?

I hope that the CCP will stop manipulating Hong Kong and let us be highly autonomous.

We will vote for one person and one vote.

What is your next project?

The next project is to respond to the social situation, and hope is not sad.

hong kong protests art

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