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Hong Kong bans Democracy activist Joshua Wong from standing in election race

Last Updated on 2020/12/06

According to Hong Kong Free Press, the officials who manage election affairs asked Joshua Wong three times for a statement on his political positions regarding Hong Kong independence.

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Although Demosisto and Joshua Wong do not directly support Hong Kong’s independence, they have previously stated that citizens should have the right to choose the political direction of the city.

According to the Hong Kong authorities, this statement was ambiguous enough to require clarification on the independence claims by Wong.

The third time that this question was addressed to the former student leader, Wong responded by quoting President Xi Jinping who declared October 13 that any attempt to divide China would end in “crushed bodies and shattered bones“.

Wong replied that he does not support the independence instance because of these threats.

The Hong Kong authorities have replied that the lack of support from Demosisto and Wong to the independence cause is therefore exclusively due to the “severe threats” of Xi Jinping, rather than a sincere intention.

On Facebook, Wong wrote a post condemning the decision saying this proves how “Beijing manipulates the election with political censorship and screening”.

Source: Hong Kong FP

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