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The 2018 Interviews on China with artists, photographers, directors, writers, and academics

A series of exclusive interviews on Chinese culture: from the environment to politics, architecture, LGBT rights, contemporary art, literature, comics, social rights, women in China, the Taiwanese question, the new Silk Road, poetry, documentaries, history, fashion, dance, rock, and cinema!

A goldmine of first-hand stories about China and Chinese culture.

All the interviews were conducted by Dominique Musorrafiti and Matteo Damiani.

Many of the interviews have appeared in our new free digital magazine Planet China.

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Interviews are listed in chronological order

Captain China – Interview: Chi Wang, comic author

Interview with Teng Biao, founder of Open Constitution Initiative: the crackdown on Chinese civil society will continue

Interview with Elle Lee, Style Blogger

Interview with Matina Cheung: Teaching Yoga in Hong Kong

Interview with Heanney McCollum, Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach in Hong Kong

Mountain Forest Hotel Guizhou aims to create a real green forest valley, to shape a new model of future life. The design concept will follow ecology to create a real forest city for the residents. The recyclable energies and techniques will be introduced to ensure sustainable energy use.

Interview with Forest Revolution and Urban Forestry pioneer Stefano Boeri

Interview: Josh Summers on Traveling in Xinjiang

Interview with Analyst J. Michael Cole On Xi Jinping’s power grab and the risks of the New Silk Road

Interview with Hua Dong, Re-Tros: Before the Applause and Beyond

Yan Hua Wang Taichi Master

Interview with Tang Min, Ballet Mistress of the Hong Kong Ballet

Interview with Yang Ruiqi: my life is all about dancing

Anita Wong: Modern & Tradition

The Fabulous World of Qin Leng

Helen Feng Interview: Don’t settle for okay . . . be better

Zhuo Danting, China’s Queen of Tattoos

The Art of Min Liu

Thierry Chow, Feng Shui master

Interview with Simon Chung, film director

Augusta Xu-Holland: Between Art&Science

The Evolution of China’s Environmental Policy: Interview with Michael Standaert

Interview with Li Wei, the creator of stunning art images playing with gravity

Interview with author Jeremy Tiang

Interview with New York-based freelance illustrator Lisk Feng

Interview with artist Ming You Xu

Interview with Soprano Hui He

Chiara Ye – Food photographer, menu designer and F&B visual strategist

Yummy and healthy visual experience with Chiara Ye

The Blind Youth of He Sen – Interview (2004)

Jia Zhangke and Wang Xiaoshuai at BigScreen Italia 2006, Kunming, China

Interview with director Wang Xiaoshuai (2004)

Interview with Piero Kuang Sung Ling founder and coordinator of Slow Food Great China

12m2 1994, Performance, Beijing, China

Interview with contemporary artist ZHANG HUAN

Interview with Manya Koetse: sinologist & founder of What’s on Weibo

Interview with GuiGuiSuiSui

Interview with RongRong & Inri

Interview with Rebecca F. Kuang, author of ‘The Poppy War’

Interview with Lance Crayon: The origins of graffiti in Beijing

Herman Lee: T-Shirt Designer, Graphic Designer, and Illustrator

Interview with Badiucao, political cartoonist, and rights activist

Interview with Helen Zia, author and activist

Interview with Joanne Leung: LGBTQ rights in Hong Kong

Interview with Shanghai Pride: LGBTQ Rights in Shanghai

Interview: Beijing LGBT Center

Interview with Ah Qiang, PFLAG China: LGBT rights in Guangzhou

Interview: No.223, Art Photographer

Lin Jun Liang: Art from Inside Out

China’s authoritarian control system – Interview with Patrick Poon, Researcher at Amnesty International

The Murder of Pamela Werner: Interview with Graeme Sheppard

Lucie Liu’s TaipeiLove*: Taiwan’s unique journey towards same-sex marriage and equality

Chen Chen. Author: Keegan Lester

Interview with Chen Chen, author and poet

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