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Interview with Hao Wu, director of ‘People’s Republic of Desire’ and ‘All in my family’

Hao Wu (吴皓, Wu Hao, born 1972) is a Chinese-American film director, producer and writer, director of People’s Republic of Desire, about China’s live-streaming phenomenon … Read more

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The 2018 Interviews on China with artists, photographers, directors, writers, and academics

A series of exclusive interviews on Chinese culture: from the environment to politics, architecture, LGBT rights, contemporary art, literature, comics, social rights, women in China, … Read more

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Guo Ke, director of “Twenty Two”, Exclusive Interview

Guo Ke Interview: Twenty Two is a Chinese documentary about 22 Chinese ‘comfort women’, victims of sexual enslavement by Japanese soldiers during the WWII The … Read more

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Interview with Luo Yang – “Girls”

LUO Yang (1984) was born and raised in Liaoning Province, China. She is a graduate of the prestigious Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in … Read more

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The most surprising thing about Getting Home is that it’s inspired by a true story …

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Interview: Xiao Rong, Brain Failure Frontman

Brain Failure is a legendary punk band based in Beijing. They played punk music since the late 90s. Their singer, Xiao Rong, is the son … Read more