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Interview with Heanney McCollum, Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach in Hong Kong

Last Updated on 2022/04/22

Heanney McCollum is a Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach. She helps and supports women in living a happy, healthy, and fit life.

Heanney supports to achieve fitness goals, optimize health and well-being through training system and nutrition guidance. She thinks that stay positive and believe in yourself, eat well and nourish your body with the right wholesome foods, and then you can become your own artist and sculpt your body and life into the best shape you can be. Her goal is to give you the tools to workout safely and effectively, to guide and support to achieve the most confident body shape and maintain it for life. Heanney has a vision: to create a community of like-minded women who want to motivate and inspire one another on their journey towards bettering themselves, both the mind and body.

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Interview by Dominique Musorrafiti

inspiring women

This is a selected interview from
Planet China Vol. 02 issue
celebrating International Women’s Day 2018

C-U: How and when did you start? What motivated you to become a Personal Trainer?

Heanney McCollum: I have always been interested in health from a young age, the interest grew when I moved back to Hong Kong 6 years ago and started working for a marketing firm and have neglected my own health. I committed to looking after myself as much as I could whilst working long hours and later on came to a realization that I wanted to live my interest and become a PT so I quit my job 4 years ago and studied to become a Personal Trainer.

“She believes health should always be the first priority and eventually left her job to study nutrition and fitness full-time.” AsiaTatler

C-U: What does a Personal Trainer do?

H Mc: We have a deep passion for helping people work towards achieving their health goals, whether that is to look good or to feel good.

C-U: Is there a better time to train and achieve good results quickly?

H Mc: Everybody’s body clock is different. Some people have more energy in the morning and find training more effective, some people are the opposite.

Personal Trainer Hong Kong-Heanney McCollum

C-U: How many times a week does a person have to train?

H Mc: Depending on their goals. I say everybody should move for at least 30mins a day, whether that is a walk or a workout.

C-U: Do you believe there are age limits for those who decide to get in shape?

H Mc: No, as long as they are guided by a professional and not on any extreme program or diet.

“McCollum likes to keep her workouts high intensity, challenging and, most importantly, fun.” South China Morning Post

C-U: Are there any foods to avoid during training?

H Mc: I believe in bio-individuality – there is no one diet that fits all.

C-U: Is traditional Hong Kong cuisine suitable for those who want to keep fit?

H Mc: Home-cooked Chinese food is generally healthy. I would suggest avoiding processed, premade sauces and ingredients and stick to whole foods and quality ingredients.

C-U: Does the Hong Kong weather conditions affect the outdoor training program?

H Mc: The rain makes it tough to train outdoors.

Photos courtesy of Heanney McCollum

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