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Lin Jun Liang: Art from Inside Out

LIN JUNLIANG is a modern artist. He was born in Hualien, Taiwan.

He studied at the National Taiwan University of Art, Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts and Shih Chien University Department of Communications Design (BA).

His works including video installations, body art, post-system effects clips, expressionist portraits, and paintings. Lin Jun Liang exams the removal of identity, autonomy, human feelings, and meditation with sensibility and carefulness. He was recognized in 2009, 2012 by the National Taiwan Museum of Youth Collection, and in 2014 for the Taipei Art Award.

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Interview by Dominique Musorrafiti


This is a selected interview from
Planet China Vol. 05 issue


China-underground: How and when did you get into art?

Liu Jun Liang: During the period of the institute, I entered the art field after being guided by a professor from the UK.
林俊良: 研究所時期,受到英國回來的教授指導後進入藝術領域

Who influenced you as a person and an artist?

Family encouragement.


What keep you inspired?

Digital game.

How would you describe your art project? What do you want to tell with your artworks?
你会如何描述你的艺术项目? 你想用你的作品讲述什么?

Gray. It’s about humans’ unexpressed emotions.
灰色 講述人類不擅表達的情緒


Is there any of your artwork related to a moment that marked a significant change in your life?


Do you think art could be an instrument in the defense and in the claims of LGBTQ rights?

Yes, but it can not be reduced only to express bright colors and physical pleasure, we should rather focus our attention on social discrimination and equality from various points of view.


Can you share with us any story behind your art project?

I was born in a comic shop. I grew up reading comics and watching Japanese animation during elementary school. My father used his comic techniques to guide me on how to observe, how to paint, how the human body looks, how to look at it, how to understanding the stories in cartoons and movies, this journey deeply affects my future desire for aesthetics.


Photos courtesy of Lin Jun Liang

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