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Yan Hua Wang Taichi Master

Last Updated on 2022/04/22

Yan Hua Wang Master of Tai Chi Chuan and Double Sword combines traditional medical training with martial arts.

Yan Hua Wang graduated from Yunnan Chinese Medical University. While in school, she was the disciple of numerous nationally renowned Tai Chi masters. In 2000, Wang had been awarded the Tai Chi Martial Arts Medal as well as the silver medal recipient for her outstanding Double Sword performance at the New York International Martial Arts Championship Tournament. She furthered her endeavors and won the gold medal for her Tai Chi Double Sword. Wang combined her traditional medical training with martial arts when teaching. She moved to America and she has trained many students in the art of Kung Fu, which includes sword techniques and Tai Chi Chuan. Wang is currently teaching at the New York Chinese Culture Center.

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Interview by Dominique Musorrafiti

This is a selected interview from
Planet China Vol. 03 issue

China-underground: Can you please tell us a little about Tai Chi?


Yan Hua Wang: Tai Chi has its root in ancient Chinese culture and tradition. It is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training and its health benefit. It is different from physical exercise since its movement originates from the Daoist philosophy: The opening and closing of each movement is full of beauty, combining the hardness and softness, the forces of yin and yang. The phase could be fast and slow and the practice will benefit the elderly and the young.

What attracted and inspired you? Why did you choose to be a Tai Chi master?

I chose to be a Tai Chi Shifu because of what I mentioned above.

How many years have you been training? How often do you train?

For over forty years, Tai Chi has played a big role in my daily life. When back in China, I practiced every day. Later I moved to the States, I tried to keep up with this routine.


How has Tai Chi enriched your life? What has it done for you? Which Tai Chi aspects are most important for you?

To practice and to teach Tai Chi makes me feel blessed since I have met a lot of friends and students who are interested. Under my lead, they start to achieve the mindfulness of both their physical and mental self. Actually, I should attribute all these health benefits to Tai Chi and its profound power. I joined the New York Chinese Cultural Center in 2001 as the Tai Chi Shifu, which is an important chapter of my life.

What have been your personal and professional successes?

It is not the success that I am seeking, through the teaching of Tai Chi, I have to say. I simply consider it as my passion and my life.

What are the main aspects of your teaching and practice?

I would like to share with the general public the benefits of Tai Chi. Also to pass down the Chinese tradition and culture to the next generation.

Can you tell us something about the main benefits of Tai Chi?

The practice of Taichi involves your full body to improve the circulation of blood and Chi. It is not fierce or intense thus won’t make people overdraft. It accords with the law of life and does not harm the human body. Mental and physical health, longevity, beauty, and youth are just some of the many benefits of practicing Tai Chi.

Photos courtesy of Yan Hua Wang

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