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Kunming countryside depicted by Dominique Musorrafiti

Walking around the Yunnan countryside and catching everyday life on a 135mm film. Photographer Dominique Musorrafiti produced with her Horizon Kompakt panoramic camera few experimental … Read more

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Being Twenty in China, 49 images

Expectations, ways of life, entertainment, fun & hard work for teenagers and Chinese young people. Contradictory lifestyles of young people born in the 80s and … Read more

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People from Suburbia, film images

Analog images of ordinary life in some Chinese suburbia. Camera: Lubitel 166+ camera Film: Lucky 120 SHD.Photographer: Dominique Musorrafiti Ordinary life in China – film … Read more

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Luoping golden fields

Luoping County is 228 km from Kunming, not far from Guizhou Province.

In early spring the yellow rapeseeds are in full bloom.

Dominique Musorrafiti took these shots of Luoping with a Lubitel 166+, Fuji Velvia100F 120mm and Redscale XR film.

Images of Luoping

Luoping county is located in Yunnan province.

Immagini di Luoping

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Lijiang old town through the lens of a Lubitel 166+

Lijiang, in Yunnan, Southern China, is the major town of the old Naxi culture. Naxi people are one of the twenty-six ethnic minorities of Yunnan. … Read more

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27 images of the Bizarre Kingdom of the Little People

Dominique Musorrafiti portrayed the actors and their set with a series of analog cameras and rare films, creating a kaleidoscopic photo gallery.

By now everyone knows the bizarre theme park called Kingdom of Little People located in the mountains not far from Kunming, in southern China.

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Images of the Kingdom of the little people in China

Camera: Mamiya rz67 pro II
Lens: 50mm Sekor lens with 6×7
Film: Kodak E100G

Camera: Lubitel 166+
Film: Fuji Velvia Xpro

Camera: Spinner 360
Film: Ferrania Solaris 800

Camera: Mamiya rz67 pro II
Film: EIR Aerochrome Color Infrared overexposed

Camera: Lubitel 166+
Film: EIR Aerochrome Color Infrared

Camera: Horizon Kompakt
Film: Expired Lucky Charm 200

Camera: Horizon Kompakt
Film: Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 (35mm)