Luoping county is located in the prefecture of Qujing, Yunnan province, overlooking the neighboring Guangxi and Guizhou.

Luoping’s most beautiful season takes place between March and April; Jingjilin rapeseeds fields blooming turn the  surrounding plains into a golden yellow sea, dotted with karst hills.

Images by Matteo Damiani

Luoping Images, Qujing county, Yunnan


At about 22 km northeast of Luoping, Jiulong waterfall stretches for about a couple of kilometers along the river and consists of 10 smaller waterfalls. Luoping-001 Luoping-002 Luoping-003 Luoping-004 Luoping-005 Luoping-006 Luoping-007 Luoping-008 Luoping-009 Luoping-010 Luoping-011 Luoping-012 Luoping-013 Luoping-014 Luoping-015 Luoping-016 Luoping-017

Bees everywhere in Luoping!Luoping-018 Luoping-019 Luoping-020 Luoping-021 Luoping-022 Luoping-023 Luoping-024 Luoping-025 Luoping-026 Luoping-027 Luoping-028 Luoping-029 Luoping-030 Luoping-031 Luoping-032 Luoping-033 Luoping-034 Luoping-035 Luoping-036

Jiulong WaterfallLuoping-037 Luoping-038 Luoping-039 Luoping-040 Luoping-041 Luoping-042 Luoping-043 Luoping-044 Luoping-045 Luoping-046 Luoping-047 Luoping-048 Luoping-049 Luoping-050 Luoping-051 Luoping-052 Luoping-053 Luoping-054 Photos: Matteo Damiani

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