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The Nine Dragon Waterfall Cluster

Last Updated on 2023/02/12

The Roaring Cascades of the Luoping Nine Dragons

The Jiulong Waterfalls (罗平九龙瀑布群), also known as the Luoping Nine Dragons Waterfall Group, is located 22 kilometers to the northeast of Luoping County in China.

It covers a 2-kilometer segment of the river and is known for its exceptional beauty and grandeur. The waterfall cluster is comprised of 10 cascades, each with its own unique shape, showcasing either boldness, grotesqueness, smoothness, or grandeur. The roar of the largest waterfall can be heard from miles away, making the Jiulong Waterfalls a well-known and popular tourist destination in China.

One of the most interesting traditions associated with the Jiulong Waterfalls takes place on the 2nd day of the 2nd lunar month each year. On this day, young Buyi people from nearby villages gather by the waterfall to sing love songs and look for their sweethearts. This event adds to the already captivating atmosphere of the waterfall and attracts many visitors who come to witness the beauty and tradition of the Jiulong Waterfalls.

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Jiulong Waterfalls map

Jiulong Waterfalls images

Featured image: Oliver Huang
Images: Matteo Damiani

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