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Travel to Qujing, Welcome to the Golden Sea of ​​Luoping

Qujing guide: About 130 kilometers from Kunming, Qujing has become an important industrial and tourist hub between Yunnan and neighboring Guangxi.

It is among other things, the second-most populous city in the province, after Kunming. Luoping County is located in the prefecture of Qujing, overlooking the neighboring Guangxi and Guizhou about 240 kilometers from Kunming. During the spring, as early as March, the rapeseed fields in Jingjilin explode in an incredible bloom that transforms the surrounding plains into a golden yellow sea, dotted by low hills of karst origin.


This phenomenon has played a fundamental role in the development of tourism in the area and has attracted a large number of tourists in recent years. The ideal period to visit the area is the spring until late June. There are, however, some other natural attractions in the area, such as the Nine Dragon (Jiulong) Falls, the Duoyi River, and the Lubuge Gorge where among other things there is a sizeable dam with a connected artificial lake that supplies electricity to the region.

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Qujing map

Located in Northeastern Yunnan, Qujing that is 130 kilometers away from Kunming, has been regarded as the key link between Yunnan and Guizhou for its manifold geomorphology and unique folk customs. Tourists have an opportunity to appreciate the unique language, costume, custom, and faith of minorities as Yi, Zhuang, Miao, and Yao. Being the originating place of ancient Cuan culture, Qujing has such various places of interest as Source of the Pearl River, The Duoyi River of Luoping County, The Nine Dragon Waterfall Cluster of Luoping County, Luliang Colorful Sand Forests, and Huize Ancient City.

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Source of the Pearl River

Being a national AAAA scenic area, it is located in the Maxiong Mountain of Zhanyi County in Qujin city. The source of the Pearl River is different from that of the Yangtze and the Yellow River as it is available to tourists. There are plentiful and various fauna and flora resources in the attraction. The mild climate and abundant rainfall provide a forest coverage of ninety percent or more, which makes it known as a “natural oxygen bar”, “pure heaven” and “tourist mecca of keeping fit”. Over 600-hectare azaleas bloom in April, which is magnificent.

On Tour

Qujing is 136 kilometers away from Kunming, with available railways to Luliang, Shizong, and Luoping.

Railway: Two electric railways, Guizhou-Kunming and Nanning-Kunming, go through eight counties of Qujing. From Kunming to Qujing, it needs 2 hours and 40 minutes, with 10-25 Yuan hard tickets. Trains to Guiyang, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, and Zhengzhou stop here.

Highway: From Kunming to Qujing, it needs two and a half hours, with a 20 Yuan bus tickets or 36 Yuan express tickets, which are available at each bus station.

Huize qujing Yunnan

Local Food

Zhuangyan, Longqing ham, Fuyuan sauerkraut, Qujing pickled chives, Qujing steamed Ersi, Huize diluted beans, Xundian dried beef, Luliang fried duck, Xuanwei ham, Heipizi, and boiled mutton.


The price of simple meals in ordinary restaurants: 3-4 Yuan for vegetables, 6-8 Yuan for stir-fried pork, 5 Yuan for stir-fried eggs, 8-10 Yuan for fried spareribs, 8-10 Yuan for stir-fried ham, 3 Yuan for vegetable soup, 6-10 Yuan for steamed pork, 10-15 Yuan for the steam-pot chicken, and 15-20 Yuan for fish cooked in an earthenware pot. Buffet hot pot is 12-20 Yuan per person, and its seafood is 15-20 Yuan per pot.

Local Products

Xuanwei ham, Huize bornite, colored potatoes, Yanshui pomegranate, Zhanyi chickens with spicy flavor, Fuyuan konjack, Shizong collybia albuminosa oil, Hongtuo bamboo shoots, Luoping’s ginger, rapeseed oil, honey, gingko, yam, lily, Malong buckwheat, Luliang Mayisazi, Qujing chives.

Travel Information

Qujing Tourism Bureau
Address: No. 78, Wenchang Street of Qujing city
Tel: 0874 3122424     Fax: 0874 3129927
Tour Inquiring Tel: 0874 3122424

Images: Oliver Huang, Dominique Musorrafiti, Matteo Damiani

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