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A Visual Exploration of Kunming’s Rural Landscapes

Walking around the Yunnan countryside with a camera in hand, Dominique Musorrafiti set out to capture the everyday life of the rural community. Armed with her trusty Horizon Kompakt panoramic camera and a roll of Lucky super 200 film, she embarked on a journey to document the unassuming beauty of the Yunnan countryside.

As she wandered through the lush green fields and quaint villages, Dominique was struck by the simple yet authentic charm of the rural life. She carefully composed her shots, focusing on capturing the intimate moments of the people she encountered and the landscapes that surrounded them.

Using a 135mm film, Dominique was able to create a unique visual style that added a sense of intimacy to her images. The grainy texture of the film gave her photographs a raw and organic quality that set them apart from the sleek digital images often seen in today’s world. The result was a series of captivating photographs that showcased the true essence of the Yunnan countryside and its inhabitants.

Dominique Musorrafiti’s experiment with the Lucky super 200 film and her Horizon Kompakt panoramic camera has produced a series of stunning images that offer a glimpse into the daily life of the Yunnan countryside. These photographs are a tribute to the simple beauty of rural living and a celebration of the people and landscapes that make up this unique and special part of the world.

Kunming countryside images

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