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Interview: Duran Levinson, China and Hong Kong Street Photography

Duran Levinson is a 29-year-old cinematographer and film photographer from Cape Town, South-Africa. Having spent the last 4 years traveling between Asia, Europe, and Africa, … Read more

Kunming countryside depicted by Dominique Musorrafiti
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A Visual Exploration of Kunming’s Rural Landscapes

Walking around the Yunnan countryside with a camera in hand, Dominique Musorrafiti set out to capture the everyday life of the rural community. Armed with … Read more

Urban Villages' People
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Capturing the Disappearing Life of Urban Villages in China

Analog Images of Ordinary Life in China’s Disappearing Urban Villages Urban villages in China have been an integral part of the country’s urbanization process, with … Read more

Found films in China
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Lost & Found: forgotten memories – Found films in China

Found films in China – What happens if some old films are found in the debris of a city? During this period Kunming, the capital … Read more

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