analog photography

Interview: Duran Levinson, China and Hong Kong Street Photography

Duran Levinson is a 29-year-old cinematographer and film photographer from Cape Town, South-Africa. Having spent the last 4 years traveling between Asia, Europe, and Africa, … Read more

Kunming countryside depicted by Dominique Musorrafiti

Kunming countryside depicted by Dominique Musorrafiti

Walking around Yunnan countryside and catching everyday life on 135mm film. Photographer Dominique Musorrafiti produced with her Horizon Kompakt panoramic camera few experimental shots using … Read more

Chinese kids - Chinese alleys

Time travel in Chinese alleys

You just need an analog camera, an expired black and white film, and go into the alleys of a Chinese city, to have the feeling you had a jump, back several years.

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Ordinary life in China

People from Suburbia, film images

Analog images of ordinary life in some Chinese suburbia.

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