People from Suburbia, film images

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Analog images of ordinary life in some Chinese suburbia.

Camera: Lubitel 166+ camera

Film: Lucky 120 SHD.
Photographer: Dominique Musorrafiti

Ordinary life in China – film images

Suburbia_People_001-Ordinary life in China

Analog images of the Kunming suburbia ordinary life

Suburbia_People_002-Ordinary life in China

Suburbia_People_003-Ordinary life in China

Suburbia_People_004-Ordinary life in China

Suburbia_People_005-Ordinary life in China

Suburbia_People_006-Ordinary life in China

Suburbia_People_007-Ordinary life in China

Suburbia_People_008-Ordinary life in China

Suburbia_People_009-Ordinary life in China

Suburbia_People_010-Ordinary life in China

Suburbia_People_012-Ordinary life in China

Suburbia_People_013-Ordinary life in China

Suburbia_People_015-Ordinary life in China

Suburbia_People_016-Ordinary life in China

Pictures by Dominique Musorrafiti via

Ordinary life in China

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Dominique Musorrafiti
Dominique Musorrafiti
Ciao! My name is Dominique. I’m Italian and I’m proud to be a mix. My father was an Italian chemical engineer and high school teacher, with Greek and Polish heritage. My mother is Haitian, she was high school language teacher, with Dominican, Spanish, French, Portuguese, African and Native American heritage. Being a mix makes me appreciate to want to understand different cultures and lifestyles. I grew up in Italy, lived few years in Haiti, travel around main European capitals, lived seven years in China, six in Spain and UK. Traveling makes me feel that we can learn something from every situation in every part of the world.


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