A collection of photos shot with Lucky Charm 200 ISO

Lucky Charm 200 ISO enchanting your eyes with natural gradation colors of the scenery!

This color film, made by the Chinese brand Lucky Co., from Baoding City, in Hebei Province, is one of their best quality films.

It is quite rare in some part of China, like Yunnan, but in other areas is very popular.

I didn’t know about the existence of Lucky Co. film brand until one day I saw it in the film list on the Lomography website and so I discovered that is pretty well known by Lomographers.

Kunming countryside
Walking around Yunnan countryside and catching everyday life on 135mm film.

In this period I’m in China, in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, and in all labs, the main brands are Kodak and Fuji, but if you are lucky, in some small, old and vintage lab, you can have a nice surprise.

The day I find a roll of Lucky Charm 200 I didn’t realize it, because I just looked the design of the box, without reading the Chinese characters.

I immediately thought that I had to try this mysterious film.

When I saw that the film was also expired I was happier but I didn’t know that I had found a little treasure.

Lucky Charm 200 ISO

Lucky Charm 200 ISO speed gives your Lomos sharp, bright and warm colors.

This film has a suitable medium-grey contrast so as to reproduce the original gradation of the scenery.

I used Lucky charm with my Lomo LC-A+, but also with Horizon Kompakt and with both cameras, I was amazed by its enchanting colors.

When you are in good condition of lights, the colors came out natural, very close to what your eyes can see.

Lucky Charm 200 ISO

With different cameras, it seems to maintain its charming colors.

Maybe this is the reason they had decided to call it Lucky Charm? 🙂 Can be a good friend of LC-A+ for normal shots, double exposure and shot with the Splitzer.

I tried it with Lomo LC-A+ also with a macro lens from Tunnel Vision lens and in this case, is better to considered the surrounding light and to get a good illumination.

The same consideration if you want to try it with LC-A+ and the Diana Close Up lens.

If you use a close-up or a macro lens the colors came out very strong, vivid and saturated.

Lucky Charm 200 ISO

With Horizon Kompakt, during a good daylight, you can have true colors results.

This film roll can come out nice also if the condition of light is not very good. If it is cloudy, the colors came out more soft but still nice.

China Lucky Film Corporation, that incorporated in 1958 was pretty famous in its territory. In Kunming is quite rare.

One day I spent 9 hours walking all round of the city and ask for it in every lab. It’s funny that they have only the empty box to make decorative pyramids.

My long march made me find only one lab in all the city that still have this film! But “luckily”, Lucky Charm can be available online on Ebay, Alibaba, and Taobao – the Chinese Ebay – but if you want to buy it on this site, you need an Alipay account.

Alipay is the Chinese Paypal.

Lucky Charm 200 ISO

I hope you enjoy my review and good luck if you try Lucky Charm 🙂

Images taken with a Lucky Charm 200 ISO

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Article originally published on 13 November, 2010.

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