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Being Twenty in China, 49 images

Expectations, ways of life, entertainment, fun & hard work for teenagers and Chinese young people.

Contradictory lifestyles of young people born in the 80s and 90s.

Pictures by Alessandro De Toni, Johannes Baumgartner, Dominique Musorrafiti, Matteo Damiani, using different styles and techniques (analogic, digital, Lomo, expired films, hdr, b&w, etc.).

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Chinese young people images

The telephone bill …
Chinese young people having fun together
Chinese cosplayer. Kunming.
Chinese hipster girl. Beijing.
Chinese freerunner
Chinese freerunner
Young Chinese businessmen
Chinese waitresses
Chinese punks at Beijing Midi Festival
Chinese girls shopping in a colorful market in Xiamen
Chinese cosplayers attending an event in Xiamen.
Chinese girl working in an antiquity shop.
Chinese girl reading a message on a mobile. Kunming.
Chinese young girl waiting
At the beach …
Young muslims in front of the Silk Market in Beijing
Chinese young people having fun at the luna park
Chinese girl cosplayer
More cosplayers
Chinese young people celebrating the Hungry Ghost Festival
Young Chinese cook
Chinese performer
Chinese cosplayers
Chinese young people drinking alcohol
Young Chinese muslim
At the Olympics
Young Chinese ethnic minority girl
Chinese badass rapper
Chinese basteball players at the 2008 Beijing Olympics
Xiao Longhua. Chinese comic writer
Xiao Longhua
Street fashion in China
Chinese hairdresser

Foto: Dominique Musorrafiti, Matteo Damiani, Alessandro De Toni, Johannes Baumgartner, Ziboy, 22catcher

via CinaOggi

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