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Chinese Street Kids

Last Updated on 2023/02/12

Through the Eyes of a Toy Cam: Capturing the Vulnerability and Resilience of Street Children in China

“Street Kids” is a poignant and thought-provoking photographic project that captures the last glimpses of a rapidly disappearing reality in contemporary China. As cities continue to expand and evolve, old neighborhoods are transformed, and humble alleyways and cluttered streets exist in stark contrast to the towering skyscrapers that symbolize modernity.

Amidst this dynamic urban landscape, a unique community of children lives and grows. These kids live a humble life that is vastly different from the lives of their affluent peers who reside in luxurious apartments. Some are depicted playing, while others are depicted growing up, helping their families, or living a precarious existence, sometimes even abandoned.

The photos in the project were taken using a toy cam, a camera that could also have been used by the children themselves. The use of this type of camera imbues the project with a sense of innocence and raw emotion, as if seen through the eyes of the children themselves. These children are the last witnesses of a way of life that is quickly fading away, increasingly rare in the world of digital photography.

The photographer, Dominique Musorrafiti, masterfully captures the humanity, vulnerability, and resilience of these street kids through her lens, giving voice to a disappearing reality that might otherwise be overlooked. These images are a testament to the power of photography to shed light on the lives of those who might otherwise remain unseen, and they serve as a lasting reminder of the lives, experiences, and memories of these children and their world.

Images of Street Kids in China

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