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The Complicated Morality of a Mixed Martial Arts Fight Club for Impoverished Chinese Boys

A video of underprivileged adolescent mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters duking it out in a ring, with a large crowd cheering them on, recently went … Read more

The Story Of The Field In Front Of My House
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The Story of the Field in front of my House

As I was chronicling the transformation of Kunming, an unexpected and tragic event occurred, turning my visual story into a sorrowful tale This is the … Read more

Chinese street kids
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Chinese Street Kids

Through the Eyes of a Toy Cam: Capturing the Vulnerability and Resilience of Street Children in China “Street Kids” is a poignant and thought-provoking photographic … Read more

Largest Sex Toys Market
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China’s Largest Sex Toys Market is not so Sexy

Guangzhou wholesale market covers a wide range of women’s clothes, children’s clothes, lingerie, and adult products. The market is composed of countless small shops: unlike … Read more

A day off at the beach for Chinese families: Analog Sands
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Analog Sands: Chinese Family Holidays at Fuxian Lake

Capturing Memories: A Visual Journey of Chinese Family Holidays Located just two hours away from Kunming, Yunnan lies the breathtaking Fuxian lake, known for its … Read more

Chinese street children
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110 kids: Photo Project on Chinese Street Children

Documenting the Lives of Children Living on the Streets of China Most of the shots were taken in the narrow streets of Kunming, many of … Read more

Chinese kids army
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Chinese kids army against Japan

Small People Liberation Army to conquer Diaoyu Island! A kindergarten in Zhejiang province has organized a demonstration to defend the Diaoyu Islands. On November 13 … Read more