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Chinese kids army against Japan

Small People Liberation Army to conquer Diaoyu Island! A kindergarten in Zhejiang province has organized a demonstration to defend the Diaoyu Islands.

On November 13 in Yuquan kindergarten, during father-son’s day, kids were asked to recognize the values ​​of China, a sense of duty and responsibility by passing a small and simple, but patriotic, military exercise.

Children, dressed as soldiers, with a toy gun, faced an obstacle course carrying with them the flag of the motherland, supported and encouraged by their parents, in defense of the Diaoyu Islands.

The “small People Liberation Army” shouted the slogan “The Diaoyu Islands belong to China.” Although the event is a simulation, a game, children have proven motivated and willing to overcome barriers to conquer the “territory” of the dispute.

The photos that have been circulating online have created an intense debate. There are those who recognized these children’s extreme courage, feeling proud of them. But there are those who asked “Why do children have to be part of adults fascist games? Why do they have to learn to hate patriotically?

Why should they learn to use weapons? I’ve never heard that Japanese children at this age have been subjected to this form of indoctrination. This looks like the Hitler Youth. These kids are being manipulated by politics, nationalists, and their parents. “

In response, nationalists compare the dispute of the Diaoyu Islands,  to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying that they do not know if Japanese children learn the use of weapons against China, but since those Israelis sign grenades that kill neighbors children, this is a right that the Chinese kids need to learn. The response of the moderates is that children should be children, if you do need to be nationalists, this is the job of adults who understand the world around them.

This is the job of political leaders, they have to resolve conflicts in such a way that children should not take up weapons. Many Chinese netizens think these images show only a part of a large iceberg: children are brainwashed in order to hate the Japanese. This leads them to show desperation and hostility towards visitors, owners of Japanese cars, or Japanese restaurateurs.

Last Updated on 2021/11/18

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