Qing Dinasty Cargo
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Qing Dynasty Cargo Is Recovered From a Ship Sunk during the Nineteenth Century

1050 items that spent more than 180 years at the bottom of the East Chinese Sea have been hauled to the surface. The priceless cargo … Read more

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The Flooded City of Shicheng: Before and After Picture Comparison

Shicheng is an ancient city, established about 1300 years ago, now lies at the 26-40 m depth underwater. Recently Chinese National Geographic magazine published a … Read more

alum mines in China
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25 pics depicting the terrible conditions in alum mines in China

In Cangnan County, not too far from Wenzhou, southern Zhejiang, there are tens of alum mines. However, because of pollution and shortage of alum resources, … Read more

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Hangzhou (杭州) is a major city located in the Yangtze River Delta region of the People’s Republic of China, and the capital of Zhejiang (浙江) … Read more

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