Most of the shots were taken in the narrow streets of Kunming, many of those streets no longer exist, having been wiped out and demolished by bulldozers. Now, where the children portrayed in the photos lived and played, there are construction sites, luxury buildings and shopping malls.

110 kids is a photographic project by Dominique Musorrafiti realized with analog cameras such as LC-A +, Horizon Kompakt, Holga 120, Lubitel 166 +, Mamiya RZ67 Pro II, with negatives, positive crossprocessed, redscale, made in house and expired films.

Some shot was taken with colored filters and colored flash, double exposures; some of these are also the result of collaborations with Lomographers of various parts of the world as Wuxiong (Guangzhou, China), DakadevPui (Bangkok, Thailandia), Titidvivant (Oakland, USA), Herbert4 (Tujunga, USA), Superligther (Osimo, Italy), Lawypop (Singapore).

Photos by Dominique Musorrafiti


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