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The Kingdom of the Little People in China (video + pics), updated

Inside the Kingdom of the Little People, Kunming, Yunnan.

The Empire of Dwarfs or Kingdom of the Little People, was a bizarre theme park not far from Kunming.

When we arrived here for the second time, references to Snow White disappeared, but dwarfs were still the main attraction.

A number of dwarfs, a deformed calf, and a talented acrobat from Xinjiang are the main attractions of the theme park.

Twice a day dwarf dancers and dwarf singers performed in front of an audience of families and schools. If at first glance, this idea of creating a theme park based on dwarfs could be perplexing, for these people coming from all parts of China, was certainly one of the few alternatives to a life of begging.

If you want to know more, read here or here.

UPDATE: A friend told us the Empire has been shut down recently (2015).

The kingdom of the Chinese dwarfs

Pictures & video by Matteo Damiani

The article was originally published on Aug 8, 2011, Latest update Jul 18, 2019

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