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Cina Magazine’s special issue on Yunnan province will be distributed for free at Milan World Expo 2015

Our special issue on the Chinese province of Yunnan will be distributed at Milan World Expo 2015, China Pavillon, from the 4th of July. Our … Read more

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The Empire of Dwarfs in China (video + pics), updated

Dwarfs empire in China – The Empire of Dwarfs, a crazy theme park not far from Kunming.

References to Snow White are disappeared, but dwarfs are still the main attraction.

A number of dwarfs, a deformed calf and a talented acrobat from Xinjiang are the main attractions of the theme park.

Twice a day dwarf dancers and dwarf singers perform in front of an audience of families and schools. If at first glance, this idea of creating a theme park based on dwarfs can at least be perplexing, for these people who come from all parts of China, is certainly one of the few alternatives to a life of begging.

If you want to know more, read here or here.

UPDATE: A friend told us the Empire has been shut down recently (2015).

The kingdom of the Chinese dwarfs

Pictures & video by Matteo Damiani

The article was originally published on Aug 8, 2011, Latest update Jul 18, 2019

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