Cina Magazine’s special issue on Yunnan province will be distributed for free at Milan World Expo 2015

Cina Magazine

Our special issue on the Chinese province of Yunnan, will be distributed for free at Milan World Expo 2015, China Pavillon, from the 4th of July.

Our project, strongly backed by Yunnan Tourism Administration, will be distributed at the same time in France, in French. Be sure to grab a free copy by visiting the Chinese Pavilion from early July. The special edition of the magazine is written and entirely developed by and, with the photo contribution of Huang Linwu, Matteo Damiani, Dominique Musorrafiti, Liu Jianming, Shi Bing, Zhao Ting, Hu Liangfu, Li Jiang, Li Kun, Cao Jianguo, Li Lihe, Yang Yidong, Li Jianglong, Wu Ming.

Cina Magazine

Italian Edition

Chine magazine

French Edition

 In the forest of Zhenyuan there are the most ancient Pu’Er Chinese Wild Tea trees.

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