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China Suburbia - urban villages
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China Suburbia

From urban villages to ghost cities: snapshots of suburban life in Kunming’s urban villages. China Suburbia is a photography project that explores and describes urban … Read more

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The story of the field in front of my house

This is the story of a field in front of my house in Kunming, China. I lived there for almost seven years, in a beautiful … Read more

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Cina Magazine’s special issue on Yunnan province will be distributed for free at Milan World Expo 2015

Our special issue on the Chinese province of Yunnan will be distributed at Milan World Expo 2015, China Pavillon, from the 4th of July. Our … Read more

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44 images of daily life for Chinese children

A glimpse of daily life for children in contemporary China. 44 images to quickly describe different ways of life and social environments: cities, suburbs, countryside, … Read more