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Matteo Damiani is an Italian photographer, author and motion designer. Matteo lived and worked for ten years in China. Founder of CinaOggi.it and China-underground.com.

The Murder of Pamela Werner: Interview with Graeme Sheppard

A Death in Peking investigates the cold case of the brutal murder of Pamela Werner in 1937 using primary source material un-examined. Born and raised...
china's fake moon

Could China’s “Fake Moon” work?

A few days ago the Chinese media (and others) talk about the project of launching a "fake moon" in orbit to illuminate the streets...
chinese space companies

4 Chinese space companies to watch

China is investing hugely in the sector in the private space sector. According to a recent report by Space Angels, China has gone from 0...
30+ Horror Movies from Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan to Watch

30+ Horror Movies from Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan to Watch

Chinese folklore, black magic, and ghost stories have always inspired horror films in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and Japan … Here is a list of...
Best video games set in China and Hong Kong

Best video games set in China and Hong Kong

China has provided an exotic and cosmopolitan backdrop to many international games set mostly or entirely in China or Hong Kong. Chinese culture and China...
Chinese movies 2018-Best New Chinese Movies to Watch in 2018

Best New Chinese Movies to Watch in 2018

2018 was characterized by many action, thriller, fantasy and animation films. Action films and comedies, which are always very successful in China, were not lacking. The most...
The-Gedan-songzhanlin-Lamasery-in-Shangri-la-Gedan Songzanlin Monastery

Yunnan’s Greatest Explorers

Yunnan has always been a land capable of evoking suggestive visions and attracting great explorers. MARCO POLO During his adventurous trips to China, Marco Polo, in...

Interview with Badiucao, political cartoonist, and rights activist

Badiucao (巴 丢 草) is an appreciated Chinese political artist and rights activist. The name Badiucao was adopted to...
Beijing hairy monkeys made with cicada shell and magnolia bud

The Grotesque Mini World of Hairy Monkeys, 20+ images

Hairy monkeys (毛猴) are a unique traditional handicraft of the old Beijing made with cicada shell and magnolia bud. The art of the hairy monkeys...

Facts, History & Combatants of the Boxer Rebellion

The Boxer Uprising (拳亂), Yihetuan Movement (義和團運動), "The Righteous and Harmonious Fists". 1899 - 1901. To fully understand the rancorous feelings of boxers towards foreigners,...


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