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Exploring Lijiang’s World Heritage Old Town through the Lens of a Lubitel 166+

Capturing the Beauty of Lijiang: Photographer Dominique Musorrafiti’s Unique Perspective

Lijiang, in Yunnan, Southern China, is the major town of the old Naxi culture.

Lijiang is a major town located in Yunnan province, in southern China. It is the center of the old Naxi culture, one of the 26 ethnic minorities in the province. The Naxi people have a rich history and unique traditions, including their own pictographic script, Dongba, which is listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Despite the preservation of the old town’s traditional architecture, Lijiang has become a popular tourist destination. The mass tourism has brought significant economic benefits but has also raised concerns about its impact on the cultural heritage of the town. The influx of tourists has led to overcrowding, commercialization, and overdevelopment, posing a risk to the authenticity and sustainability of the site. To mitigate these risks, the local government has implemented measures to balance tourism and preservation, such as regulating the number of visitors and limiting construction in the historic area.

Photographer Dominique Musorrafiti captured the essence of Lijiang’s old town using a Lubitel 166+ camera and two films, Fuji Velvia100F 120mm (cross-processed) and Lucky SHD 120mm (expired B&W). The use of cross-processing, a technique where the film is developed in a chemical solution designed for a different type of film, created a surreal and dreamy effect, enhancing the colors and contrasts of the images. The expired B&W film added a vintage and nostalgic feel, emphasizing the town’s traditional character. The combination of the camera and films resulted in a unique and artistic representation of Lijiang, showcasing its beauty and cultural significance.

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Lijiang old town
Lijiang old town
Lijiang old town
travel to lijiang - Naxi people
Lijiang old town
Lijiang old town
Lijiang old town

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