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Spinner 360 in Wonderland

Last Updated on 2023/02/12

The Unique Features of the Lomography Spinner 360° Camera for Capturing China’s Natural Beauty

Dominique Musorrafiti captured this stunning gallery of photos using her Lomography Spinner 360° camera and a Lomography CN 400 film. The location for this photo project was the picturesque fairyland of Yunnan in southern China, where Dominique resided for nearly seven years. Her artistic vision led her to a sunflower field, where she masterfully used the Spinner 360° camera to create unique and psychedelic panoramic shots. The Spinner 360° camera is a remarkable 35mm film camera that captures stunning panoramic photos, allowing Dominique to create a breathtaking visual display that captures the essence of Yunnan’s natural beauty.

The Lomography Spinner 360° camera is a unique and innovative 35mm film camera that captures stunning panoramic photos. This remarkable camera allows photographers to create breathtaking 360-degree panoramic shots, providing a unique and immersive visual experience. The Spinner 360° camera is easy to use, making it perfect for both amateur and professional photographers. It features a manual winding mechanism, which allows users to control the speed and direction of the camera, resulting in creative and dynamic images. The Spinner 360° camera is known for its distinctive and retro design, making it a popular choice for those who appreciate vintage aesthetics. With its ability to capture stunning panoramic shots, the Lomography Spinner 360° camera is an excellent tool for photographers looking to expand their creative horizons.

Spinner 360 Images shot in China

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