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Chuxiong Travel Guide

Last Updated on 2022/04/22

Trip to Chuxiong, Yunnan, China

The Autonomous Prefecture of Chuxiong is located near the Jinsha River, along the road from Kunming to Dali.

楚雄 Chuxiong, Yunnan

Chuxiong is famous for a large number of dinosaur remains and fossils found in its territory, for the Human remains of Yuanmou, for the Earth Forest of Yuanmou, and for the Yi ethnic group that inhabits the region from time immemorial.

Chuxing attractions: Yuanmou Man site, Shizi Shan, The Lion Mountain

Home of Dinosaurs

Chuxiong Yi Nationality Autonomous Prefecture, on the south of the Jinsha River, is in the medium north of Yunnan Province, between Kunming and Dali, about 149 kilometers apart from Kunming. Chuxiong is famous for “the home of dinosaurs”, “Yuanmou Men”, the Earth Forest in Yuanmou, the Yi People’s customs, and the favorable climate being warm in winter and cool in summer.


Best tour time

Because of the subtropical monsoon climate in Chuxiong Prefecture, it is warm and heavily dry in Spring, not severe hot in Summer, cool in Autumn, and not chilly cold in Winter. It is fit to travel here all year round.

On tour

Railway: Train No.986 stops at Chuxiong from Kunming to Dali. It departs at 9:20 and arrives at Chuxiong at 12:20 every day. The fare is ¥20. You may also take other trains to Yuanmou County and Lufeng County. Every day train No.5932 starts from Kunming at 19:27 and arrives at Chuxiong at 22:30 with a fare of ¥19, the train No.5934 starts from Chuxiong at 8:15 and arrives at Kunming at 11:20.
Highway: It takes about 2 hours to arrive at Chuxiong to ride on the Kunda Expressway. There are more than 100 regular buses go to and fro between Kunming and various places in Chuxiong Prefecture departing from Kunming Long-distance Automobile Passengers Transport Station or Kunming Xiyuan Automobile Passengers Transport Station.

Kunming Long-distance Automobile Passengers Transport Station
Tel: 86 871 3510617/3544574/3554502

Kunming Xiyuan Automobile Passengers Transport Station
Tel: 86 871/8217331/8217335/8217336

Local food

Oil fermented beancurd, Xiquewo Liquor, wild edible mushrooms, Yebazi Honey, Tuodian Soy, Lufeng vinegar, Yaoan Sausage, Wuding Chicken, Yuanmou Cool Chicken, Mutton Soup of Yi People

Local products

The Yi People’s embroidery, the Yi People’s handicrafts, crafts made of ox horns, Lufeng scissors, the capsule for waste discharging and youth keeping, Guobin Cigarette, unpolluted vegetable

Chuxiong cultural life

Yi Opera

Yi Opera, created in the 1950s, is popular in Chuxiong. The contents are mostly reorganized on the base of the folk tales of the Yi People, reflecting modern life. Dubbed with the melody of folk music to make it have a heavy civil color and the performing action easy to understand.

Note: Chuxiong Prefecture Yi Opera Troupe often gives performances. Yi Opera is frequently performed in Tanping Village of Dayao County, the birthplace of Yi Opera.

Yi People’s Large-Scale Classical Song and Dance: The Solar Lady

The Solar Lady is a song and dance performance of the Yi People created by Chuxiong Art Theater. It assembles the essence of the costumes, songs, dances, and music of the Yi People in China. There are grand scenes, gorgeous costumes, moving details, and beautiful music. It has won many prizes in song and dance competitions in China. When you visit Chuxiong, you will have a chance to watch the performance.

Travel information

电话:86 878 3138655  传真:86 878 3137917
旅游咨询电话:86 878 3138655  96927
电子邮箱:[email protected]

Chuxiong Prefectural Tourism Bureau
Add: No.42 Chuwei Street, Chuxiong Municipality
Tel: 86 878 3138655  Fax: 86 878 3137917
Traveling inquiry tel: 86 878 3138655  96927
E-mail: [email protected]*+9

What to see in Chuxiong

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