Travel to Chuxiong

Travel to Chuxiong. Chuxiong travel guide: Everything you need to know about Chuxiong. Info, images, best destinations, maps, history and much more.

History and general information on Chuxiong. Main attractions: Yuanmou Earth Forest, Santan waterfall, the dinosaurs of Yuanmou.

Yi people - shaman - Animal-Worship-Dancing-of-Yi-Nationality-of-Chuxiong---2---photo-by-Oliver-Huang
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Customs & Traditions of the Yi people

There are about 4,705,700 Yi people in Yunnan. Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture and Honghe Hani Autonomous Prefecture are places most compactly inhabited by the Yis … Read more

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The Dinosaur Valley of Lufeng

Lufeng is the home of dinosaurs of China; the World Dinosaur Valley at Ana Village is the biggest dinosaur fossils area in the world. The … Read more