A provincial tourist region. Located in Zhaojiadian Country in the northeast of Dayao County Town of Chuxiong Prefecture.

三潭瀑布 Santan Waterfall, Chuxiong, Yunnan

It collects waterfalls and drought dissolved caves, etc. the geological spectacle, being the good whereabouts for the scientific exploration and recreation. It is also named “Miyilu Waterfall”. Its elevation is at 1400-1700 meters. There are 23 ponds in total, among which Santan Waterfall and Small Stone Plank River Waterfall are most magnificent.

The waterfalls have a drop of 220.28 meters, falling in three stages and being wonderful. On the left side of the waterfalls, there is one drought cave and one dissolved cave, in which stalactite and stalagmite are growing and developing. With Nanyong second class highway opening to the traffic, Santan Waterfall Scenic Region soundly asleep for millions of years was presented before the tourists. It has become a new geological spectacle in Chuxiong Prefecture.

Attention: Santan Waterfall is 25 kilometers from the county town. Nanyong second highway passes through the region. The transportation is convenient. By the means of development, six key elements of eating, living, transportation, traveling, buying, recreation have been perfected in Santan tourist region. It can provide convenient and comfortable service for the tourists.

Images of Santan Waterfall

Santan waterfall

Santan waterfall Santan waterfall

Original photo: Oliver Huang, Blog.sina.com

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