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Travel to Heijing Ancient Town

Last Updated on 2020/11/03

An ancient town with a salt production history of over 2 millenniums, the Heijing Town is located in Lufeng County of Chuxiong Prefecture.

黑井古镇 The Ancient Heijing Town, Chuxiong, Yunnan

National AAA Scenic Spot. The Town has preserved vestiges of the commerce and culture of Central China and the local area, relics of the contemporary Ming and Qing Dynasties, as well as the early salt-industry-induced culture. Heijing Ancient Town was entitled a famous national historic and cultural town in 2005.

In the town, there are 92 historical-cultural relics including stone carving, stone tablets, ancient buildings, and ancient tomb, etc. There are the following scenic spots: Heijing Confucian Temple, Wuma Bridge, Zhenjue Buddhist Monastery, Ancient Salt Workshop, Dalong Ancestral Temple, Wus’ Courtyard, Zhutian Temple, Flying Temple, Juefeng Temple, the tomb of general Wugong, Shilong Crematory Tomb Group, the Neolithic Ruins, Dishuiqing Waterfall, Slabstone Street, etc..

Attention: You may ride a train to Panzhihua City of Sichuan at Kunming Railway Station and get off at Heijing Station. If you drive a car to Heijing, first drive on AnChu Expressway to Lufeng, then on the old 320 state highway to Guangtong passing by Yipinglang, finally on Guanghei Highway to Heijing.

The whole course from Kunming to Heijing is 190 kilometers. The conditions of highways are good except the highway from Yipinglang to Guangtong. The tourism handicrafts in Heijing Ancient Town are abundant. The conditions of accommodation are good. There are numerous residential reception places. Chicken braised with Heijing salt is very delicious.

Images of Heijing Ancient Town

Hejing Ancient Town
Hejing Yunnan

Original photo: Oliver Huang
photos: Chinese web

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