Located in the north of Yaoan County, being 12 kilometers apart from the county town. It is a famous historic and cultural town of Yunnan.

光禄古镇 Guanglu Ancient Town

The ancient town is surrounded by mountains and waters. The trees are shady. The whole building of the ancient town lays out eight diagrams. There are numerous ancient buildings in the ancient town which have a long history. It is an important base leading to Southeast Asia and India on the Silk Road in the ancient South of China.

Longhua Temple in the town was set up in Tianyou Period of Tang Dynasty over 1000 years ago, being one of the most ancient temples in Yunnan. When Longhua Meeting is held on 8th of  February every year, the visitors come in a continuous stream to carry on recreation activities, folk songs and dances performances and commodities exchanging business. The town is an ideal place for the festival tour. Guanglu Town is adjacent to Nanyong Second Class Highway. The transportation is very convenient.

Images of Guanglu old town

guanglu old town Guanglu ancient town Guanglu old town

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