Lying 3 kilometers west of Wuding County town in the north of middle Yunnan. National AAA scenic spot.

狮子山 The Lion Mountain, Chuxiong, Yunnan

It got the name because the mountain looks like that a male lion is prostrate,and the rock is shaped like a lion’s head. It is said that King Jianwen of Ming Dynasty has secluded himself from society to be a monk on Lion Mountain. For hundreds of years, visitors from abroad and home go to visit it for its fame. Numerous poets and writers climbed the mountain to visit it and wrote many popular poems. The statue of King Jianwen was set up in the Confucian Classics Hidden Building behind Hall of the Great Hero On Lion Mountain.

Two poems written by King Jianwen were engraved in the temple. There are relics of camellia trees planted by King Jianwen in front of the temple.The statue, couplet,poems and old trees often remind people of the remote and interesting history. In addition, the natural scenes of “the peak hugged by green trees”, “clouds stay at the ancient trees”, “ cold spring waterfall”, “Xianlai garden”,etc. make people appreciate the beauty of nature.

Attention: Being 83 kilometers apart from Kunming.The condition of Kunming-Wuding highway is good and the transportation is convenient. You should taste well-known Wuding chicken to travel in Wuding.

Images of the Lion Mountain

Lion Mountain, Yunnan Lion Mountain, Yunnan


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