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Travel to Zixi Mountain Forest Park

Located in Chuxiong Municipality, being 15 kilometers from the downtown.

紫溪山森林公园 Zixi Mountain Forest Park

It is a national-level forest park, provincial natural protection area, the provincial tourist region, and national AA scenic spot. The scenic spots include Deyun Tablet, ancient rattan for thousands of years, Xiangshuiqing Waterfall, Fairy Valley, Ziding Temple, Camellia Park, Cherry Garden, Wanghai Building, Cuckoo Park, Peony Park, etc.

The reception facilities for tourism have been built, such as Nationalities Villages, Zixia Inn, and lots of farmhouses enjoyment. The scenic area well blends nature and the humanities view as an integral whole with the mountainous forest topography and ancient geology natural relics as its cardinal parts.

Images of Zixi Mountain Forest Park

Zixi Mountain Forest Park
Zixi Mountain Forest Park

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