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Interview with Zhang Yang: Up the Mountain

Image from the movie "Up the Mountain"
Born in 1967, Zhang Yang grew up in Beijing, studied until 1988 at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangdong, from which he graduated with a...

Life After Life

Poster for the movie "Life After Life"
While gathering wood one day, a man’s son wanders off, returning later to announce that he is the spirit of his mother, the man’s...

Paths of the Soul

Poster for the movie "Paths of the Soul"
Docu-drama follows the journey of a group of Tibetans on a pilgrimage to Lasa, the holy capital of Tibet.

The Left Ear

Poster for the movie "The Left Ear"
Li Er, a 17 year old girl who has great difficulty hearing out of her left ear, is rejected after confessing her love to...


Poster for the movie "Shower"
An aged father and his younger, mentally challenged son have been working hard every day to keep the bathhouse running for a motley group...

Getting Home

Poster for the movie "Getting Home"
Inspired by a news report about a man who tried to carry the corpse of his friend back to his hometown for burial, Zhang...


Poster for the movie "Quitting"
Quitting is a 2001 Chinese drama film directed by Zhang Yang, starring and based on the true life story of Jia Hongsheng. Jia, an actor...

Where Have All the Flowers Gone

Poster for the movie "Where Have All the Flowers Gone"
Confidently dazzling, and relentlessly up-to-date, Where Have All the Flowers Gone is on the cutting edge of hip contemporary Beijing pop culture. It’s a dreamlike,...

Spring Subway

Poster for the movie "Spring Subway"
A stylish urban romance about the silent suffering of a modern Chinese couple. Spring Subway (Chinese: 開往春天的地鐵; pinyin: Kāi wǎng chūntiān de dìtiě) is a...

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