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Tsang Chi-wai MH (曾志偉) (born 14 April 1953), also known as Eric Tsang is a well-known actor, film director, producer, and television host in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, best known for hosting the variety show Super Trio series on the Hong Kong television network TVB over 18 years. Tsang has a broad impact in entertainment industry, and also well known for having wide network of contacts. His friends includes Jackie Chan.

Eric Tsang

Poster for the movie "Ip Man: The Final Fight"

Ip Man: The Final Fight

In postwar Hong Kong, legendary Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man is reluctantly called into action once more, when what begin as simple challenges from...
Poster for the movie "Monster Hunt 2"

Monster Hunt 2

The sequel to Monster Hunt. Set in a world where monsters and humans co-exist, the franchise tells the story of Wuba, a baby monster...
Poster for the movie "Golden Job"

Golden Job

The main cast comprises mostly of the actors in the iconic Hong Kong 1990s triad-theme movie series "Young and Dangerous". 故事讲述狮王(郑伊健 饰演)、火山(陈小春 饰演)、Bill(谢天华 饰演)、淡定(钱嘉乐 饰演)、老鼠(林晓峰...

The Bombing aka Air Strike

During World War II, five different Chinese people fight their way through Japanese Air Force attacks to protect an important military machine in Chongqing,...
Poster for the movie "The Adventurers"

The Adventurers

The world's top thieves join forces to pull off the heist of a lifetime. But when they find themselves pursued across Europe by a legendary...
Poster for the movie "Final Victory"

Final Victory

Final Victory is a 1987 Hong Kong action film directed by Patrick Tam and starring Eric Tsang, Loletta Lee, Margaret Lee and Tsui Hark. Triad...
Poster for the movie "2 Young"

2 Young

Teen-pregnancy drama had a superb run in 2005 with Derek Yee’s unassuming 2 Young, one of the year’s surprise box-office hits. Fiona Sit and Jaycee...
Poster for the movie "Men Suddenly In Black"

Men Suddenly In Black

Having turned a hitman movie into a black comedy delight in You Shoot, I Shoot, director Pang Ho-cheung continues genre-bending in Men Suddenly in...
Poster for the movie "Dragon Loaded 2003"

Dragon Loaded 2003

Surprise summer hit Dragon Loaded pitched an unlikely leading man in Ronald Cheng to audiences with a rough-edged and farcical police comedy. The movie’s patchwork...
Poster for the movie "Merry-Go-Round"


Based on a successful radio play by scriptwriter GC Goo-bi, MERRY-GO-ROUND narrates a tale of first love among Hong Kong's youth without looking down...
Poster for the movie "Mad World"

Mad World

An absentee father and his bipolar son are forced to live together as they struggle with a recent family tragedy. Origin: Hong Kong Time: 101 minutes Year:...
Poster for the movie "Fly Me to Polaris"

Fly Me to Polaris

Fly Me to Polaris was one of the key movies last year to bring hope to the Hong Kong industry and suggest a future. The...
Poster for the movie "Curry and Pepper"

Curry and Pepper

Two cops--both best friends and partners--both become the subject of a beautiful news reporter's documentary.
Poster for the movie "Frugal Game"

Frugal Game

Hong Kong’s economic troubles are reflected in a reality TV show in Derek Chiu’s Frugal Game. The show’s concept is simple: two families are given...
Poster for the movie "Three"


Three (三更; Sāngēng) is a 2002 horror film collaboration consisting of three omnibus segments by directors from three Asian countries. Three (2002) Movie TrailerThe segments...
Poster for the movie "The Village of No Return"

The Village of No Return

The Village of No Return (Chinese: 健忘村) is a 2017 Taiwanese Chinese New Year-themed action-comedy film directed by Chen Yu-hsun, starring Shu Qi, Wang...
Poster for the movie "Once Upon a Time in the Northeast"

Once Upon a Time in the Northeast

Once Upon a Time in the Northeast is a 2017 Chinese action comedy film directed by Guo Dalei and starring Jia Nailiang, Ma Li,...
Poster for the movie "Kung Fu Yoga"

Kung Fu Yoga

Kung Fu Yoga is a 2017 action-adventure comedy film written and directed by Stanley Tong. The film is a Chinese-Indian co-production of Taihe Entertainment...
Poster for the movie "Infernal Affairs"

Infernal Affairs

Andrew Lau (no new-comer to the FEFF, having shown many films in earlier editions) and Alan Mak (the co-writer of the wonderful but rarely...
Poster for the movie "My Lucky Stars"

My Lucky Stars

Two Hong-Kong cops are sent to Tokyo to catch an ex-cop who stole a large amount of money in diamonds.
Poster for the movie "Simply Actors"

Simply Actors

Man Long Chan, a constable whose antics and showmanship win him best performance awards at the Force's annual parties, is handpicked by the Deputy...
Poster for the movie "Jian Bing Man"

Jian Bing Man

Poster for the movie "Monster Hunt"

Monster Hunt

Young monster kids try to make peace between the world of humans and the world of the monsters. The film takes place in the distant...
Poster for the movie "Kung Fu Dunk"

Kung Fu Dunk

Poster for the movie "Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg"

Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg

The film takes place in 2046. The Chinese government has created the first cybernetic organism, K1, programmed with sophisticated social conscience, ideal for police...
Poster for the movie "Infernal Affairs III"

Infernal Affairs III

Released just twelve months after Infernal Affairs stormed Hong Kong’s box office, Infernal Affairs III delivers closure to a trilogy of movies. Infernal Affairs III...
Poster for the movie "Infernal Affairs II"

Infernal Affairs II

When it came to crafting a follow-up to the hugely successful Infernal Affairs, co-directors Andrew Lau and Alan Mak looked back to pre-handover days...
Poster for the movie "The Rooftop"

The Rooftop

Taiwanese pop sensation Jay Chou, drawing on his years as an actor, director, and recording star, creates a fantasy playground of music, moves, and...
Poster for the movie "Seven Arhat"

Seven Arhat

The Chinese version of Home Alone; this action comedy chronicles the antics of the seven mischievous young monks Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La...
Poster for the movie "Just Call Me Nobody"

Just Call Me Nobody

Poor young cobbler Wu Di lives with his mother and is crazy about martial-arts picture books. One day he repairs the shoe of wandering swordswoman...
Poster for the movie "Kung Fu Dunk"

Kung Fu Dunk

Shi-Jie is a brilliant martial artist from the Kung Fu School. One day, he encounters a group of youths playing basketball and shows off...
Poster for the movie "Big Movie"

Big Movie

Shot by a director who goes by the name of A Gan, The Big Movie is a dazzling spoof in the tradition of Hollywood...
Poster for the movie "Moonlight Boy"

Moonlight Boy

Poetic, bizarre and altogether impressive nineties-era horror from Taiwan that can be viewed as Asia’s answer to THE SIXTH SENSE.
Poster for the movie "7 Assassins"

7 Assassins

7 Assassins (simplified Chinese: 光辉岁月; traditional Chinese: 光輝歲月) is a 2013 Chinese-Hong Kong martial arts action film directed by Hung Yan-yan and starring an...

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